Monday, May 19, 2008

hellllllllllllllllllllllo ha!

I'm back baby!
wooooo hoooooo!
tonsils back to normal: check
crazy weekend inspo: check
new art piece: check
mail art cards: check ;P
clean studio: blah

so hello hello monday
(i secretly don't like mondays but hey, let's get through this!)
hello world

I have been reading a book on character. I so lack in so many areas so I figured I need some wisdom to grow into a better me. So part of my reading journey is also journaling it. I read things and then wonder 10 min later what I read. Does that just happen to me? I'm all ADD people. I really think it's the fumes from the spray can -jk. LOL

So here is my journal I made using the hipster collection at SIS.

My fav page:

Only because Mr. Handsome took the pic and I love the earrings and he makes me smile. It the little things that make me happy and "content".

So lot's of crazy sewing, strips of paper, cutting, buttons, fav random pictures from my studio and exploring new ideas.

I made a little "folder" by:
- cutting a regular manila folder to 8 inches in height.
- I opened it up and sewed the papers all over it THEN sewed the sides shut (both top and bottom)
- The button looks like it's actually useful but it's just decor.
- I cut a strip of the fabric in the kit and glued it so it and the glued the button on top.
- i made the hounds tooth pink and green label just for fun and added sweetness

I use the GLOO from KI:

It smells a little weird but hey, it works and fast!

I won't post all the pages since I've got lotsa pictures :) See the journal by clicking here

okay- I will post about my weekend inspo tomorrow since I haven't downloaded the pictures from Mona yet. I can't wait to share what crazy art came out of it :)
Stay cool peeps.
And thank you for sharing some little lub and encouragement my way while I was gone!


Kara said...

Dude. Your work amazes me. I love looking at all the small details. Beautiful.

Vee said...

girl you kick butt with the creativity! glad you are feeling better :)

dani said...

YAY!!! glad you're feeling better and everything is well.
well is good!!

I do the same thing when I read, for some reason, if I'm not doing fifty things at the exact same time I have trouble focusing... and even though I love reading it can be last on my list for the day!

Love the journal.... it looks like it will be very fun to fill!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debee,
I'm glad that you're feeling better.

That journal is such a great idea. I tend to forget to and have to go back and re-read pages I've marked just for that reason.

Love that folder. I got my hipster last week and was too busy to do anything with it. I hope to get something done tonight.

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Louise said...

Oooh Debee

This is so what I love to read and oggle when I blog hop!!!!!

Keep up the process you just described with your introspection and journaling, your gonna loooove and learn lots from where it takes you!!!!

And I love the way you shared your creativity, apart from the cool cool buzz it gives, I learn heaps!! as I dont tend to do tutorials because of the shifts I work.

WTG Girl, and thank you! Lou :)x

Rhi said...

hurrah hurrah hurrah!

now telle me. what is the background you photographed your mini on? its beautiful! (am i weird for looking at the background?)

lets webcame and lipgloss it soon!

michelle raMirez said...

you so do not lack character.
You are adorable!!!
and that mini....sheesh.
I am in awe.
big time.
you amaze me every time with your creativeness.
and yay for that stuff.