Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've got to share

I made an art card and I think the circus ran it over.
Having a little nephew and being around him and all his bright colorful toys has done something to me. I made the lovely Bekka an art card. She won my random drawing and so I sent this crazy guy off to live with her:

I really don't know what to say.
oh my gosh I'm nervous. What if Bekka doesn't like it!? (Bekka I'm crossing my fingers you love bright circus colors)LOL

off to join the circus.


In this picture I am contemplating cutting my hair once again.
Yes, serious, totally unposed LOL! I Love wearing my hair short. I love wearing my hurley drum kit t-shirt. And I can never wear my turquoise earrings enough. So whatcha think? Shorter....color or leave it. hmmm....pondering serious stuff people. I'm also trying really really hard not to let out a couple of exciting things going on over here. YES all scrap stuff LOL not just hair cutting. I cannot wait to show you. One is for Scrap In Style (my first challenge) this Tuesday. And the other 2 I am DYING to tell you guys but.I.can't. I hate secrets and surprises. Seriously. Only because I'm terrible at not spilling the beans. Hence the reason I've been away. I. CANNOT. KEEP. IT TO.MYSELF!!!! And so It's been fun. 5 new pieces to share and counting down.

Lots of this:

Plus this:

And before I forget I wanted to answer a couple of Questions from sweet Meg...
She asked:
I am coming to San Diego June 4-11 and I'd love any suggestions on what we should see/do/eat in the area :)
Thanks, Meg

First off Meg. COOLNESS!!! A ticket to paradise is the best especially since there is so much to do around here. And now I become your personal tour guide to all things San Diego. Ready? Follow me! Lets GO! LOL

To See, Do & EAT:
This Big Guy is always a fav. I've swam with the dolphins there and it just really is a great place to chill. (PS: they have the best strawberry funnel cakes there) Mission Beach is both home to Shamu & Belmont Park I love the beach setting and amusement theme. pretty cool.

Next up let's take a tour of the Gas Lamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego:
Home to our Padres Stadium (Mr. Handsome would kill me if I didn't mention this) The garlic fries are to DIE for. Yes super greasy but heck you only live once baby! The tickets are pretty cheap for nosebleed and honestly, you can't get a bad seat there, it's pretty small and perfect.
The Gas Lamp is pretty much a cool place to eat shop and peruse local art studios. I love this little area. You can also walk right over to The Tin Fishand have some fab fish tacos YUM!

Next Up: Little Italy(By the airport also in a different part of Downtown)
My heart stops every time I'm here. I LOVE all things Italian. I always eat at Filippis The spaghetti with meat sauce is mouth watering. I also shop and am completely a kid in a candy store when I go to the BLICK store This little part of town is a gem.

Next Up: Sea Port Village, Coronado & Shuttle Ferry
The shuttle is a very inexpensive, easy and fast way to get to and from downtown/Sea Port Village into Coronado. I always eat at Spiro's Gyros. They let you chill in their patio area after hours to the twinkling lights. ANd from their patio you can see the downtown shoreline sparkle. It's gorgeous. My fav Italian yuppy restaurant is Il Fornaiowhich is located next to Spiro's Gyro's. Mr. Handsome takes me there on my birthday. I recommend their pasta and lamb. It's perfect. Plus if you are hungry for something sweet, Cold Stone is a stroll down the park. As far as eating and enjoying Sea Port Village go to Asaggio's Pizza for some Chicago Style deep dish lovin'. I cannot stress this enough. I love artichokes in my pizza. The cheese is perfect.! And the statues are BEAUTIFUL! (You don't want to miss the two story classic sailor kissing the nurse.)

Next Up:
Surf's UP!!! At La Jolla Shores. I went to school right by this beautiful clean beach and I tell ya, if I had learned to surf earlier. I so would not have made it to class! LOL. There were always students ditching class to get the next big wave. All rentals are available. Handsome and I favor eating at George's at the Cove. It sits along the edge of a cliff and you have a delightful view of the sea in the Ocean Terrace. This place has yuppy art galleries and most of them are friendly enough to walk in and out of without any problems. Very cool place to just walk around after lunch or dinner.

And of course: Church baby!
I love this church! They do things so differently and pretty much in a cool southern cali style. So come and join us! ;) I always have Starbucks right after with my handsome. Sweet!

Okay... whew! I hope that was enough. When you come to San Diego, just know that our traffic is insane starting around 3:30 PM and mostly going in the south direction. If you don't like traffic as much as I do, I suggest you chill a little longer at the beach ;) Or catch a movie during that time all AMC's have a special. Thanks Meg for letting me be your tour guide! Have a safe and beautiful trip! AND DON'T FORGET YOUR SANDALS!!!!

I'm so glad I could help. If anyone has any other questions I'd be happy to answer. So don't be afraid to ask. I'll see ya Tuesday with more art!

And thank you to all our Military both past and present for making this a free country. We are blessed because of you. God bless.


All That Chit Chat said...

Great tourist info that you've provided. I starred this post. And I live in San Diego. How long have you two been a the Rock? What ministry are you involved in? Graphic Design? Music ministry?

Rhi said...

at first i thought that was going to be rockharbour church. i was about to jump out of my seat.
but then i realise rock harbour is located in The OC, and San Diego isn't the OC, is it?
oy the confusion.

cut it! cut it! cut it!
i'm getting mine cut and coloured next week ready to see all you pretty ladies :)

also, can i just say. i thought today was thursday. and was like, "oh, i've missed debee's challenge!"
but its not. its monday. yes.

is this the longest blog comment you have ever had?

Bekka said...

I love my art card!!! There are days I dream of running away to join the circus (especially around the end of the school year -- lol)! It's perfect, and is on display atop of my bulletin board (a temporary home until hubs puts my last shelf up). Thank you so much!

dani said...

I got my art card just the other day :)
Going to post a photo as soon as I get it framed in the new place!

I'm saving your tips for San Diego - some day husband and I will be making a little trip out there...

so excited to hear about what you've been up to - I'm not a secret person either!

gorgeous pic of you - you're gonna look lovely whatever you do!

Mandi Johnson said...

I think you are crazy when you act like somebody's not gonna like what you've created! It's always awesomeness.
And about your hair... when I got my hair cut somewhat short, I thought about cutting it even shorter since I'd never done it before. I chickened out, and wish I hadn't cause now it would be way to drastic to do it. So I say- when it's already somewhat short what's the big deal it won't take that long to grow back to the somewhat short do! So I think you should go for it now while you've got the chance! ;)

Michelle said...

Hey D!

Soooooo sad i missed out on the drawing for your art cards! Waaaaaaa.. I LOVE them all!!

Btw.. Your hair looks gorgeous as it is already (no help huh?)..I think whatever you do to it, you'll still look gorgeous anyway! :D

Louise said...

Agree with candimandi, your creativity is always total awesomeness.

OOOh do you reaaaaly want to cut that beautiful hair?????

Michelle is right youll look gorge what ever you choose!

If I can stay awake ill be into your challenge, but Im pretty sure Ill be ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzing sorry!

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

Of course she'll love it - how couldn't she?!? I totally love mine, and I framed it and put it in our living room. Everytime I look at it I smile. And you know what? I recycled the little tag-thing you put on the silk paper that was wrapped around the card. Take a look:
LOVE it!!


jenjock1 said...

3 things.
first, i just cut my hair again too. like, it's short. like rhi rhi short. and i love/hate it. still a bit undecided. 2nd. you are gorgeous mama. :) 3rd. i adooore my art card. thank you.