Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lifted UP

Today was MUCH better
YOU made it better
I didn't want to be debbie downer :P
but I just had to express it in a way that was positive
A way to remember that no matter how hard today was, it can be better
My attitude is my choice.
And YES, I chose joy.
So thank you for being patient and sending some encouragement. So glad some of you were able to play along with my "Left Overs" Challenge at SIS. I can't thank you enough for being a constant source of inspiration to me. What would I do without you girls?!


And now, time to announce some happy news...
::: 45 to go! :::
Yeah, haven't updated the countdown in awhile but it is TRUE!!! I have 45 projects to go, I can almost taste it! I have been so happy to create with my little sewing machine and we've done well so far. So today I decided to hit it off with some new fabric shopping! Woot Woot! To celebrate more sewing & happiness around here, I bought some new fabric and thread from PurlSoho. This store is drool worthy. And be sure to check out The Purl Bee for some great tutorials.

I've been itching to do some sort of banner and hope to get this fabric in SOON. I mean hurry hurry please! LOL. I want to play.

And speaking of which, anyone ever made an ATC before? I have to make a couple for an assignment and well, can you believe I've never made one? *blushes* Oh, I own a revolving thingy :) But I don't have any ATC's that have been traded nor altered in them. Yes. It's quite bare and needs some lovin'. Anyone wanna trade one? I just figured since I didn't want to make like 90 for a swap of the same thing (that to me is torture) I would like to know if any of you sweet friends would like a swap. I make a lovely for you, and you cheer me up with one too. Easy as pie. E-mail me if you'd like to do a swap okay (

And more happy news on my 2 Guest Designing gigs "secret": I cannot post where I'll be guest designing yet and it's KILLING me! I had the nervous writers block when it came down to writing my bio. I not only sound lame but boring too :) LOL! Seeing as I'm not married & no children ... hmm... why do I create again!? LOL! Oh right, for my sanity's sake! Good enough. So I'll post soon (when I get the go ahead-hopefully soon!). But go figure, my first guest design! So happy. Very thankful and excited to share my LO's with you all. Promise ;)

Have a blessed Sunday


Rhi said...

i love your photos :)
and i have never made an ATC either!
i'm a bit freaked out, probably by the same assignment as you!
i just don't know what the point of them are >.<
10 days!

Unknown said...

Hey there gorgeousness :)
I haven't made an ATC before either so it is with buttflies in my belly that I head off to email you :)

Mandi Johnson said...

I've only done two going on three ATCs... and they were for swaps. The first two were cool- only 20-24 in the set. But right now I'm doing one with SIXTY!!! And lemme just say you are a very smart girl cause they're not gonna be the greatest things- 60! That's just a heck of a lot to make them really detailed and cute.
I would love to do some kind of swap with ATCs on a much smaller scale. Lemme know if you are interested!
OH yeah, and yesterday's post I put up pics of my most recent swap.
Take care! Glad things are going better.

elizabeth rosemond said...

Hmmm...I've never made any either. Maybe it's time to take the leap :)

Lizee said...

I'm all down for a one and one ATC swap. Making 90 of the same item IS torture!

I'll email you sistah! :)

love your creations...they are truly art