Sunday, August 31, 2008

bare PROOF

My very first entry into my Creative Therapy adventure has proof of fruition.

Catalyst # 25: Fear

You Fear

You Fear

could you just hold my hand
maybe just until this is over?????????
i fear this is forever…the medicine the weakness the possibility this will never END…
I hate when people stare and ask what’s wrong?
I’m afraid I have no clear answer. I fear the question.
I fear my lack of faith.

There's so much I want to say about this. But honestly. I have it all in my heart and right now it's there...praying this through. I do not fear a lot of things. My faith finds me strong and unburdened as I lift all my weight towards the One who can sustain me. Lifted and even the unspoken or unwritten, He knows. So this is my quiet petition of hope. That I might rest this fear and let it go. And I am. One day at a time. I am learning that art can be personal. Not fully revealed and obvious. I like that. I never liked explaining my work before, I'm kind of liking this in my journaling too :). So here is my first step. A new page in a new chapter and written in a new book. I will probably not share everything that goes in this but I do hope to encourage you to journal and express yourself onto your pages for you. Afterall, they are YOU. AND even if they don't end up looking anything like you had envisioned (like this page didn't quite come out like I had hoped) just turn the page and keep going. And you'll get there.

And this one...

I've been reflecting lately on my little hobby "photography". From buying my first SLR in college at the age of 21. Then teaching photography and darkroom techniques at a preppy high school after college. To now, the digital SLR and all the creative flow that it allows in both my work and art. I can't believe it. I used to be intimidated by the camera! I'm pleasantly surprised how far this has lead me and really wanted to have a page to remind myself. I have so much to learn but so far, this capturing moments has been insanely fun. I'm glad I never stopped.

And this is how I feel right now:

resting and waiting
today was a great day to do something
something creative to make a mess
get paint on your hands sundress and sandals
music on full blast and yet nothing came
nothing remotely inspiring happened
so you sat and waited
and waited and instead
it’s just what you needed
good things are worth
the wait

that's it.
resting and waiting for something.
something worth the wait


Anonymous said...

UMM WOW my friend you have STUNNED me yet again .. your creativity is off the chain..girl I got that long azz email you sent to me and I enjoyed reading every sentence, but then time ran out on my reply cuz when I was typing a response back umm I got kicked off .. so umm yah my stuff is delayed .. LOL .. but it is all good .. hope you still love me boo .. lol ..

Aight sweets and yes I saw you on Facebook, so gotta right on that wall .. my bad I am slippin .. so how you doing .. LOVE these ..

Mandi Johnson said...

I'm so glad that you share your art here! Seriously. I love to look at it, read it, and just soak it all in. :)

Anonymous said...

you are so talented! i love your work, your words...even the painful have faith in Him and that IS all you need...this too shall pass my friend, i have to remind myself everyday :)
peace sister

Tricia Wilson said...

You've got some serious talent that is always inspiring. The way you express yourself is engaging and eloquent! Love the pages you shared, thanks.

lara said...

i love the fear one - i've seen the creative therapy site in passing but never looked too closely - i think its EXACTLY what i need right now. Congrats on joining their design team and for already inspiring at least one person :)

Dina said...

You amaze me, inspire me, thrill me, move me.

Nina said...

You are a genious. Have I told you that before?

dani said...

I love this post.
you rock.

Ali said...

woweeeeee your stuff rocks my socks off debee - and im checking out creativetherapy as i speak (tpye)...totally digging this....and oh u said u sent me an email with a gift or something....i never got it :( please send to:

thanks hunni. oh and i took your postcard as inspiration big time - wrote to Kaisercraft (an australian scrapbooking company) looking for work - coz im big time fed up with where i am in a PR consultancy - 'creatively stiffled' i call it.....and they got me in for an interview- and i got the job! a job in marketing/ im pumped to start at the end of sept - and thanks for the 'boot up the bum' to try something new!! :)

Us said...

i am soo happy that i stumbled upon your blog through the art is found blog. i love your pictures and your use of focal points. i love your pages as well as they are mini canvas' of not only ordinary photos but paint and other fun non traditional stuff...thanks for the inspo!


Anonymous said...

helo again, just wanted to share one more thought...i find it interesting that you are trying to turn your "graphic arts" side off, and here i am, feeling the opposite because i have no schooling and i am constantly feeling like my work is sub-standard because of this...the grass is always greener, huh? you are awesome,awesome awesome chicka! don't fight yourself, your art is beautiful!
as my 15 year old daughter always says, "your only enemy is yourself"...blessings

Vee said...

so glad you are getting your feelings out in your creative journaling. I love both of your pages! so stunning and real, hmmm....
i love my digital slr too, so fun to play with! I need to learn alot more about it, but playing with it is so much better! :

Louise said...

Hi Creative girl :)

bethchien said...

beautiful, beautiful work!

MeganK said...

you're just plain amazing :)

Maggie said...

I love it.