Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Babe, you're a winner!

So I had a little help from my friends at Starbucks... Yes, how's that for random? I went in for some starbucks lovin' and ordered my favorite drink right now: Cinnamon Dulce Frap. that cost me $3.20 (pre-tax) and therefor I picked the numbers 3 and 20 as my lucky numbers and Mr.Handsome picked number 29 (for my soon to be age of course)

- 3 vee said...
you are so sweet!!! 10 days to celebrate awesome!! we will have to have a chatfest! :)
the most useful gift for me was a breadmaker my sister gave me. homemade bread is the best and makes the house smell so yummy! have a great weekend!

- 20 megank said...
The most usefull gift...I'm a popcorn junkie so my mom got me an old fashioned "Whirrly Pop" stove top popcorn maker, and it makes the best popcorn ever!

- 29 kristina k said...
best present ever....my camera. no question about it. :)

Please e-mail me your mailing address at: belladrummer@gmail.com

LOVED reading your most useful gifts. I believe I am SO jealous of all you girls who received a car. But hey, totally happy for you ;) And my most useful gift? A little cheesy watercolour kit my Dad bought me while waiting at the airport back in the day. I believe I was 11 or so. It meant the WORLD to me. Mainly because I knew we didn't have lots of money and it was a completely random purchase. I only expected salted peanuts from his travels through airports :) And he didn't buy anyone else anything. Just me. He said it reminded him of me and he had to buy it. I am to this day forever grateful for that. Being the only color- crazy-splashy-paintbrush lovin' kid in the family was okay but knowing he recognized my talent even then it really made me feel special. The watercolour set is gone now but that was my most useful gift and most memorable. :)

So to all you ladies with birthdays in September, I send you lots of love! I LOVE sharing birthdays with people. Only because I grew up having to share my birthday parties with my two sisters. Yes. We are that close in age. We are 1 year apart. AND we celebrate our birthdays within weeks of each other. So that means we are twins for about a week :) For instance NEXT Monday is my sister Cindy's birthday. (we'll be twins for a week) And almost 2 weeks later is my sister Norma's birthday (both Cindy and Norma will be twins for almost 2 weeks). Freaky? Why yes. But hey, we didn't choose it ):

Now I'm really wanting a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party like we did way back in the 80's.

Anyway, onto some creativeness:
This is for TAIF. It was also for my challenge over at SIStv here: Genius Idea, really.

My Joy

My Joy (close up)

I made this as my "inspiration folder". The wooden piece is like an inspiration board (sticker from paper pixie) and the clip holds the pictures that I love plus some practice embroidery swatches I've had fun practicing on :) The folder opens up from the top not the side. I like to do things differently. ;OP

I had done this a while ago but was going to replicate it and do another one. Why? Well, because... It's a secret. And I'll tell you. But you have to promise not to tell k?
*you pinkie swear*
Okay. I thought I'd have to start again because I sewed the folder together. Yep. Together. That means, it doesn't open from the side. Nope. So. This only opens from the top. So this is a half folder thingy. I tell you, this happens to me more often than not. It happened with this:

i got distracted

Can someone tell me what a folder that doesn't open is good for?
At least I think it's good looking. So that got stuffed in the pile I'm kinda wanting to throw away but can't. (but eventually will)
So yes. Learn from my mistakes. Don't sew your folder together okay?

And because it's my birthday week I want to share some eye candy with you :) These are the prettiest flowers that I love. Maybe it's because red is my new favorite fall color? I don't know. But these make me happy.

sunflower love

So thank you sweet friends for the birthday cheer! I am thankful and happy. Thank you all for your best wishes. I am genuinely touched and you've helped make this birthday week a very special one.

much love


Unknown said...

those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday!!!!

metrochic said...

i love you. yes, come hang with me. and i am glad you got your cards. and you are crazy for envying my sewing skills. you do KNOW who you are, right? loca. love you.

Dina said...

If you'll be my Angie, I'll be your Heather....(re: your comment on Heather's blog). :) Wish I could be there to eat cake with you this week. Hugs.

***tiffany said...

first - happy birthday!
and then i just went through all your pretties. the cards, the misc. the upclose butterfly. love everything, really really really. have a good ?day.

Mandi Johnson said...

happy birthday dear! Strawberry shortcake was my favorite! Ahhh it just gives me warm fuzzies thinkin bout it.

And I must tell you again, I know I say this alot, but I think you are so incredibly talented, and everything you create just warrants a period of staring and just soaking it all in. If I were an artist, I would want to be just like you. I mean, with my own style, of course, but you are very inspired and sweet hearted, and created work that just astounds. :)

bethchien said...

AHHHHH.... The 80's.. wasn't life simpler then? I mean, you just had to french roll your jeans, throw a banana clip in your hair, put your fave color of jelly shoes on and you're out the door! lol

I did love some Strawberry Shortcake as well. Happy Birthday!


Cathy Pascual said...

happy birthday!!!
glad you're getting so much birthday love :)))

Anonymous said...

only a few days to go till you blow the candles!! :)

Vee said...

i hope you have a super duper fly birthday!!! thanks for the card, eek!!! That is so cool that you and your sis stay the same age for about a week, i have a cousin like that, we stay the same age for nine days then I get older, lol. I love your taif layout, so beautiful, you are the master of color and thread! :)

pakosta said...

happy birthday to one of my most fave top scrappers in the world! your work is sooooooooooo amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I just saw this. :):)
Thank you for the card, I will email you my addy soon. Have a wonderful day!!!

Denise Laborde said...

I just discovered you, your wonderful art and your cool blog. Three cheers for good times! Happy birthday spring chicken!
Bises, Denise