Tuesday, September 30, 2008

---> Fragile

This is up over at Creative Therapy

--> fragile

--> Fragile
completely admire people who choose to make a difference
despite social pressure
i admire people who love
i admire you
love love love love
people who love
church leaders pastors faith
martin luther king love purpose
hard hardcore believers
faith thru love

A couple of things are coming up soon.
I'm taking October off to refuel and reinvent
On Saturday Handsome took me to the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit and I fell in love once again. She is amazing!

I loved looking at her work up close. I'm very excited about painting again. I needed that inspiration. So here's to a happy Tuesday and a very awesome upcoming October :) What exciting things have you been up to? When you feel your mojo going what do you do to get it back? I'm thinking a little starbucks helps everything right? LOL jk.

I'm gonna get it back. I am just waiting...



dani said...

love that journaling.
fragile is a very good word I think.

I love Georgia O'Keefe, her inspiration is endless.


Vee said...

love your journaling always so heart felt and real! I love that painting the colors are bursting with life! :) I am excited about going on vacation next week to TN, my ds and my birthday is in Oct. as well and of course halloween! :) have a fabulous day girl

Mimi73 said...

For me, your work is more than simply scrapbooking....it's true ART!

Bravo :)


Jen said...

somehow faith in God keeps resonating
in me lately.
living it out, being it to myself, my family and others.
and indeed, it makes us fragile.
October will be a time of refueling and taking lots of pictures for me!
the leaves, they are a changin!
thank you for your sweet, sweet spirit.

maz said...

Your work is so beautiful. I have just treated myself to a slideshow through your Flickr set... I feel like I've just returned from a weekend at a health spa! Invigorated, inspired and downright happy! Thankyou for sharing so much.
And enjoy your October:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debee
I hope you're having a great Friday!
I love the layout. The journaling is fabulous.

Refueling and reinventing is so crucial. I'll be looking forward to seeing new things from you soon. Until then I'll just browse your gallery for some great inspiration.

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged. i hope you'll come on over to blog and play along.

Organized Chaos said...

reinventing???? how do you reinvent perfection?:)

i love you too!

Anonymous said...

Girl your writing is always like BAM .. and i Love that .. hope you are still on cloud nine, cuz your work sure is .. stay inspiring .. love ya boo