Monday, September 22, 2008

We can't stop smiling :)

Becoming Ruiz 11

A HUGE THANK YOU to you my dear friends for your birthday AND engagement wishes & blessings. WOW. That's pretty much all I can say. I am a very blessed girl. I had a great Birthday (even though I worked - boo). Rhi and Heather and Angie sent me the most beautiful flowers! THANK YOU!!! And Handsome and I both took Tuesday off to eat at our favorite Peruvian restaurant and spend some birthday cash at Anthro. It was fun. I do have to say after my breakdown on Saturday Handsome really helped encourage me. I was overwhelmed with the impression that he was gonna make a great husband. You know, someday....I was not expecting it to be so soon! BUT, I felt completely positive on Tuesday when he asked me I was like.... YES! HECK YES!!! lol. We shopped on Tuesday for my engagement necklace :) I know, rebel. But hey, I told Handsome about me wanting a necklace in hopes to pass it down through our family later and he completely loved the idea too. As far as the details on the necklace, I have no idea. I just know I LOVE it and it was thankfully not too expensive. He kept asking me are you sure you don't want anything bigger? Don't worry about the price. He's so funny. Honestly, we really aren't flashy bling bling people so it just made sense to pick what I loved and it was on sale too! Woot woot! I'm a happy girl. After almost 4 years dating, he is SO worth the wait. And what makes it more special for us is that we are each others first boyfriend & girlfriend. Yes, I went on my first date at 25 and he was 22. HA! I hope I just don't look "older" than him. ;P

No doubt I know I made the right choice. Which leads me to my fav movie quote in Cars when Mater tells Lightning McQueen "I know I made the right choice" and McQueen asks for what? and Mater says, "My Best Friend". *perfect* I used that movie line in the journaling for this:

Best Friend

This is up at TAIF. Completely felt like I needed to push myself and experiment more. Turned out a bit crazy but I think I love it. Kind of like my first week as a fiance heehee. Handsome has been sick for almost a week. My poor baby :) I got to pamper him with Jamba and soups. So far so good. I'm just glad he agreed to do the photo shoot with me LOL. Not bad for a couple shot without a tripod and an extra set of hands. I need to get a lighter wonder I have CTS ha!

And this one for Creative Therapy:

"No" More

I actually drew something! In about a couple of years I finally drew something and I love it. I sat down to draw the "spool" and it felt so relaxing and fun. I know it's just a spool but hey, gotta start somewhere :)

Journaling Reads:
No more “I can’t”
For the longest time I told myself I can’t
I really didn’t like that but then I tried and realized that I can. Only if I try. And so I can.
See for yourself!

This girl can do anything she puts her mind to. Believe it.

No more I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I stopped telling myself that I can’t I can’t I can’t no more. No. Even though I didn’t have anyone to teach me the things that I really wanted to learn I just had to start telling myself that YES I can. I can. I can. I really can. Even though it’s not the best. I’m still trying and I can. I can. I can. I really can. I can sew even if it’s just on paper. I can embroider even if it’s just french knots. I can draw even if it’s just simple sketches. I will and I can find my heart for it again. I can. I can. play drums. Even if I’m not the best. I rock because I never gave up. I can. I can.

And so there it is...1 year older/wiser ;P
crazy wedding planning
and blessed
I hope you find yourself blessed and happy on this wonderful Monday
I send you all the most love filled hugs


Mandi Johnson said...

Wonderful creations, as usual. Your style amazes me every time.
And I think that you and your fiance are just precious, even more so after you said that you were each other's first bf/gf. So sweet.

elizabeth kartchner said...

That's so exciting. Love his previous post too! :)

happy wedding planning!

metrochic said...

all i kept saying after we met him was "they are perfect for each other". aww. beautiful girl. beautiful couple. beautiful work. (beautiful spool! good grief!) love you.

Diane B. said...

congrats on your engagement! my hubby proposed to me on my 30th birthday (thank god! LOL) so your blog brought me down memory lane. we'll be celebrating our 10 yr. anniversary next month!

good luck with the wedding planning!

TracyP said...

Awesome LO's as Always Debee!!! Huge Congrats on the Engagement News!!! So very excited for you both:)
Best Wises

Unknown said...

I hope the preparations go smoothly and you have fun with it all.
Love your pages!!

Dina said...

Your bliss shines through, mega congrats!! And I'm awed by your art, as always!

Kimberly Scott said...

you know i love the pages...duh:)

and you.

Vee said...

OMG< CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!okay can you see my excitement, so happy for you and mr! :)

dainjb said...

(long time lurker ...) coming out of hiding because what girl doesn't get all gushy with wedding talk! congrats! you and your fiance look adorable & happy & so in love ... :) and also, i love the layouts. beautiful work. AND hello fellow san diegan :)

xo, dain

Anonymous said...

hey sweet girl. i love the rebel you. the idea of a engagement necklace rocks! i know i said it before, but i can't help myself...i'm so happy for the two of you. you are such a beautiful couple!

those pages are too cool. i love the journaling. and yep, you definitley rock, so rock on girly!!

i haven't start my art journal yet, but i am really excited about it. thanks for all the inspiration.

love and hugs to you

AlexM said...

Your creations are fantastic! Love them, as usual.

bethchien said...

I love the journaling on the creative therapy layout. just beautiful...


dani said...

beautiful, lovely post!
So excited for your engagement.
And these layouts are amazing, you are so dang inspiring!

megan and melissa said...

congrats on the engagement!
you deserve the best, and it looks like you found him.
thanks for the inspiration as always!