Friday, December 5, 2008

belladrummer shop updated

Sorry for the delay in opening the shop! I had to wait for the sun :)
Oh Mr. Sun, seriously, you tease me.
I had absolutely no light this week, to take pictures of the shop items, but the sun came through for me yesterday!
woot woot.

a little bit of eye candy for you

belladrummer christmas

belladrummer christmas

belladrummer christmas

belladrummer swatch art journals

belladrummer swatch art journals

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

So head over to the shop and check out the new seasonal items
(tags galore) here
Chipboard Albums on sale here
and Inspirational journals on sale here
And the my favorite, the swatch journals are now in the shop here!
Nothing like speedy scrapping during this fast season approaching, ya just might wanna pick one up to do a mini scrap book for a friend with the quickness ;)
oh and pssst.......I listed one chipboard journal for only a buck! ;P

have a lovely and happy friday dear friends,


Holly said...

All the stuff looks fabulous. I love the detail you put into the tags, they're so festive and beautiful!!
My etsy shopping budget is pretty much nill due to the holidays, so I was so delighted to be able to get an art journal for $1! That made my day, I've been admiring them for a while.

love your shop Debee, keep up the awesome work!
<3 holly

Anonymous said...

hye debee...congratz on the opening of ur etsy shop! will surely checking it out every now n then....

Mandi Johnson said...

I think you will do well with your shop!

Laura | Southern Scout said...

love love love the tags!
and i love the bit of herringbone pattern in your blog header, such a cute little detail!

Niella said...

Dearest Debee Creative, you are just so inspiring! I love your tags + the detailing.


Have a happy happy Christmas. I heart your creativeness ever so much.


dani said...

these goodies are so amazing! I think I favorited a million things on my etsy!

Anonymous said...

wow...this is really...i dunno im speachless.... its really good!

angie backen said...

hey lovely!
just thinking about and missin' you. wanted to come and catch up.
love the pretties you have up for your etsy! :)

drop me a line or two, will ya?


rainbow lisa said...

hi beautiful!
just stopping by to see how you were doing :)


ps... and the code verification to post my comment was "preespi"

i just thought it was cool.