Monday, December 15, 2008


sneaking in to say...

love is forever

hello world. I've missed ya!

it's totally been one of those weeks....
i say i never get sick
i got sick


and the more i get older the longer it takes to recover. how wonderful?!
but easy does it... back into the groove i go!
hello world!

And heck yes to getting some art done in the middle of sneezing my brains out ;P
Good news! I am the new designer at Kenner Road! woot woot!
KL and all her glittery goodness is rockin' the kits peeps. AND the team she put together is sa-weet!

This months kit is rockin here : Gallery

I have a feeling I'm not done with this months kit... totally love the butterflies!

The layout above was inspired by my Biology class in college. You know where they make you do a class insecta?! GROSS! I really didn't like the part where you had to stick the needle through the insects... by far the worst was the stink bug!!! yucko!

*insert girlie squeamish cries*
makes me wanna do the icky bug dance. ( ha!)

Anyway, when I saw the amount of butterflies that were in this kit it begged to be done. I don't mind sewing through paper butterflies. Real ones, that's another story. So here it is, a picture of my love bug and I. I think this picture has been the most scrapped pic ever by me. I printed about 5 pictures and didn't want to throw any of the prints away so I guess you'll be seeing this pic a few more times. ;P

So I wish you love
fluttery butterflies
and warm hugs
-happy monday sweets


Unknown said...

Hope you're feeling better. Love the LO! ;)

Vee said...

congrats girl, love this layout! get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Debee, love it. You have such a wonderful way with paper and things! Best, Helen

AlexM said...

Beautiful...and congrats!

Nina said...

Congrats on your new design team assignment! Gorgeous page!!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there my name is Anne. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Lots of yummy eye candy! Thanx, Anne

Anonymous said...

but you already knew that ;)

Denise said...

AMazing layout! hope you feel much much better and I am so excited to get my journals from your fabulously beautiful etsy store. Yipeee!!

Louise said...

Oooh Brilliant news WTG girl!

and,... Helllooooo :)

Lou x

Anonymous said...

love that so much Dbee!!!

Dina said...

hecka cool

Carrie Lee said...

Hope you feel better soon! Your package should be to you any moment now! Sorry it took soooooo long, we've been sick too! Try 2 kids with the stomach flu.... well,atleast my house is clean now. My mantra lately.... kill the germs, die, die. A little harsh, I know.
P.S. Your butterflies inspired me... to do a new collage! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Debee.

when i saw the layout it remined of just that, i actually saw he pins sticking through them in my min. it's a beautiful layout.

glad you're feeling better.
loves ya