Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ireadyourblog and loveyourkids.

i was at cha on Monday and this is exactly what i said to both Emily Falconbridge and Becky Novak.
ireadyourblog and iloveyourkids.
le sigh.

well i do. ;P
d is officially for major dork.
(photo's courtesy of the FABulous Heather and facebook :)

i love both those ladies and well, what can i say? star struck. :)

I had a blast hanging with the most wonderful group of lovelies... KL (THANK YOU muah!), Dina (ireadyourblog.iloveyourkids :P), Heather (no more hugs for know why ha!), Angie (i love you more than margaritas.amen.) i went and it was SO worth it. Just because of them. Really really. Don't get me wrong. The show was good, but they are the best. I'm a lucky girl. :)

Now I feel all happy and sweet.

Wanna know why else? Heather and Angie shared the best news. They had seen my layout published in the Feb/Mar issue of Somerset Mag!!! That was a shock because I seriously didn't know it was out already! Oh this has to be my favorite page. My favorite heart pouring art. Man. I can't wait to send the issue to my little friend Mario and his family. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! ack! love people. LOVE. *sigh.

here it is published in the Anatomy of a page section: I shared the process of how I made this page. I hope that helps spark some creative juices!

my friend published

here it is before I sent it off:

My Friend

Spray paint
his little words in spanish
coffee stains
paper strips
thrifted towels
crazy sewing lines
butterfly love
and my fav. loteria playing card :)

there was no other reason to want to get this published other than wanting to prove to my little Mario just how much I LOVE him. I KNOW he's never even seen a magazine! Maybe old books... but a magazine?! and HIM in a magazine?! oh holy moly. i started tearing up just thinking about it. i can never keep happy secrets :) but i know it's safe with you sweets!

so in all this excitement and happy fuzzy feelings, I decided to have a sale in my little belladrummer ETSY shop. Buy it. give it away. Great valentines gifts for you and someone you love *wink wink*. Show them you love them! do it. and you won't be breaking the bank with this sale :) This will be the last sale until everything goes. So enjoy sweet lovelies. Happy shopping. Happy art making and have a great week!

love ya,


Nina said...

Ireadyourblog and loveyourart :)

N is for Nerd. Haha! REALLY!
This piece of art is just amazing. Love every little inch of it.
You are something else, Debee. Something special.
Thanks for sharing.

*jumping over to etsy*

metrochic said...

ireadyourblogandloveyourunbornkids. SNORT. omg, lovelove SO much and am SO happy we got to spend a little time. even if it means no more hugs for me. wanh wanh. THE amy martin is sure to full frontal me. miss you already! xoxo.

Dina said...

LOL!!!!!! Oh, you are so seriously fab.

Anonymous said...

haha Debee at least you were honest! :) But I know what you mean, it's weird seeing people for real when you have followed them via your blog. That's kinda how I felt at SISiversary! haha it was kinda weird.

dani said...

Emily Falconbridge!! *sigh*

So, after I saw your bit about the magazine, I immediately thought, I have to go get this! And I seriously jumped up, ran to the bathroom to get dressed and started thinking about how I could pull my yet to be showered self together enough to leave the house.
even though I had no reason at all to leave the house except to go get the magazine.
I calmed down enough to realize I could go later....
but I'm so excited to get it!

yeah... I'm a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Debee, congrats on your spread in the mag - it looks fabulous. Can't wait for it to drop through my door to be able to pour over it :) Best wishes, Helen

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a blast at CHA!!!

LOVE the LO that was published....gorgeous!!

i FINALLY checked out your etsy shop...very cool!!

have a fabulous sunday!

AlexM said...

congrats again for the mag. This piece of art is truly amazing. So so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your so sweet comment on my blog!!! you're so sweet
take care

Pretty Arty said...

this one is amazing