Wednesday, February 18, 2009

still finishing up

but i swear it feels like i'm moving at the pace of a snail!
i FINALLY got a monitor for my tower! woot woot. 32 inches of goodness AND it's a hdtv AND it was free. ACK! love. being able to see what is on your computer makes it a lot easier to use :)
checklist please:
Invitations - designed, printed & cut 200
Save the dates - designed, printed & cut, embellished, strung 200 (mr.handsome knows how to use a crop-a-dile! woot woot ;P
Envelope labels - designed, printed, cut and adhered onto envelopes
favor tags - designed, printed, cut, hole punched, and strung
Reception Card - designed and also in the editing phase
RSVP's - designed & still in the editing phase
*pictures to follow-pinky promise!

there's still much to be done but this is really is ALOT harder having to design, print,cut your own invitations and all that comes with it. like trying to decide really who is going to come to the wedding and keeping the guest list "manageable". i think this is more like juggling. and i suck at it. really. i could probably just go in my corner and cry. i'm so tired. my arms hurt. my back kills me. my hands are so sore from cutting each piece of paper by hand. i could go on feeling sorry for myself. but that's not moving on!

wedding ideas i'm still contemplating:
chocolate buttons as favors :) these little suckers are SO small. Literally the size of real buttons. My mom rocks at making chocolate favors so she's heading up this task for me :) yay!

chocolate buttons

and for our wedding cake tower of sugar shock:

cupcake tower

because it looks awesome, except maybe not in yellow. I'm thinking some craft boxes or white. still undecided. thoughts? and heck no on the bows. amen. i can't find a cake pedestal as pretty as the one shown in the martha stewart magazine so i'm thinking the bottom will end up being stacks of books covered in pretty paper? eh. i will worry about that later. inside the boxes will be a cupcake. Half the boxes will be filled with chocolate cupcakes (mr.handsome's fav) with brown pinstripe liners and a brown chocolate heart on top and the other half will be vanilla cupcakes (my favorite) with yellow pinstripe liners and a soft buttercream yellow chocolate heart on top. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i'm hungry.
i hope my sisters help me with the baking.hint.hint. ;p

ART LOVE to share is next up.

I finished some layouts using Kenner Road's Feb kit:
(a nice postcard for valentine's day)

Amor XO

here's to learning something new.

My Turn

i made the little flower under the jennie bowlin button. :) see?

flower crochet

and here's to making the best out of the suckiest bad days ever.

happy day

and another valentine card for my stud muffin

Valentine's day '09

whew! time is flying by. 2 months from now i'll be married. this will be over. i keep repeating this to myself over and over. lol
for now, i've found my happy spot taking it one little itsy bitsy step at a time.i've got this.
needing rest and LOTS of prayer,

ps: i closed down my etsy belladrummer shop for now until my wedding passes. thank you to everyone who has supported my little adventure! your support has enabled me to pay for some of the wedding stuff :) big hugs to everyone!


Vee said...

double yay for getting your invitations,save the dates and new monitor for your computer! I can't wait to see your wedding diy's :) I love love your layouts as always :)

Vanessa said...

you are on top of things!!! i cant wait to see : ) and i love those chocolate buttons, i saw that on a blog a few weeks ago and knew i had to do that for my wedding (whenever that will be!) gorgeous LOs as always, loving all the color : )

Unknown said...

What a pretty post! That card is so sweet, too! :) Here's to many Happy Days!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, kraft boxes would be PERFECT! Of course, I don't know your other plans... but it just seems like it would be so great. You're making me want to go back and do my wedding all over again! haha

P.S. I'm loving those layouts, especially the colors!!!

dani said...

I've looked at your layouts over at Kenner Road like, five times since the gallery was posted for this month! Good good stuff.

Your wedding is going to be soooooo lovely. Mine was kinda country-fried, lol, but that's ok.


amytangerine said...

yay gorgeous!
love these pages!!

Denise said...

all things lovely and delicious.

metrochic said...

full frontal hug for good work done! :) even a shakey smooshey one. mmmhmm. love you!!! that cupcake tower cake is gonna RULE.

Jenn said...

Hi Debee! I got my little prize in the mail today! Thanks so much. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to fill it up.

Thanks again,