Monday, February 9, 2009

let's do this

First up: 2 Giveaway Winners are
- Lisa said...
girl, you are beyond inspiring :) my question would be: would you show a tutorial on your favorite technique??
thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!! :))

- Jenn said...
I love your blog, and have lurked for quite some time. I would love to know how you do the spray paint on your layouts. It always looks so perfect.

and because there is more in the shop to give away i picked 3 more lovelies :) YAY!

- sannika said...
I found your blog a couple of weeks ago so almost anything is new for me. I love seeing your creations and hope you won't abandon your blog in the midst of the wedding preparations... Oooh and congrats on getting married :-)

- Mandi said...
What a deal on your dress! And good luck with the house hunt! It's definitely a great decision to get one. I wish Phil and I had our own. You should share more wedding details, I think that would be fun. Like little details you're planning, because I'm sure as creative as you are, you have lots of fun details planned! :)

- domestic goddess said...
love love your digi work Debee, absolutley stunning!

hit me up with your addresses at: and i will hit the post tomorrow :)

Today's Art lovin' for you:

hi. i'm not telling

I LOVED this weeks catalyst over at Creative therapy: Secrets. AH! I've got so many. More inner monologue I think, but that's pretty much daily life huh? Remember to think before you say something. LOL. ugh. So in an effort to stay true to that, i hid my journaling by writing/typing my little secrets onto strips of old envelope paper and turning it upside down and stitching it down so no one can see it. I'm good at keeping secrets. I find it hard to find quality friends who also are good at keeping secrets. Is that just something I've observed or is it just me? Either way, I trust only a handful of my dearest and sweetest friends with my thoughts, good & bad. And I like it that way. keeps a girl sane and accountable. LOL. Is it easy for you to share your secrets? Just wondering :)

Things to do today:
- Work on Tutorials for:
Spray painting techniques,
digi goodness,
and a secret project I've been holding onto just in time for valentines day!
- Setting up an appointment for physical therapy. UGH. Mr. handsome has been hounding me for this. I've had CTS for over 9 months and have not gone to physical therapy ever. And I just talked to a friend over the weekend who had a test where they used electrotherapy to figure out if she had carpal tunnel. SHOCK therapy! for real?! sigh. so not looking forward to way jose.
-Order envelopes for wedding
- Upload photos of wedding stuffs to share. :) thanks for the interest
-and FINALLY designing my wedding invitations this week. better get on that. someone come over and kick me!



Unknown said...

Can't wait to see wedding stuff!

Mandi Johnson said...

Yippy Skippy! :) Love giveaways. Especially when they're from you. And especially when I win. ha!

Kara said...

AHHHH! LOOOVE that layout.

Bekka said...

Genius layout!

And did I read spray paint tutorial?! Yippie!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Saw this on "Creative Therapy" - your art is just so inspiring!! Love it!!!

peata said...

cool layout

dani said...

loooove that layout. such a great idea for secrets. I love hidden things, so this is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh-can't wait for painting techniques! Have you tried a wrist support for the CTS. My doc told me to try that first. I wore at nights (sometimes day time too if really bad.) Then one day I noticed I didn't need it anymore. Been pain free over a year. Google "carpal tunnel wrist support" to see velco gizmo that has opening for fingers and thumb.

Denise said...

happy day!! Debee posts another sublime layout!

Carrie Lee said...

Hey Debee...
I know I have been MIA. I am trying to get back to normal here. LOVE the work you did! I totally understand the hidden, there are aspects of ourselves that feel vunerable and are not easily shared with just anyone. I have many friends and people that I consider myself close too, but only a couple that I can truthfully be my whole complicated self with. Luckily you have Mr. Handsome! I am so happy for you.... xoxox Carrie