Thursday, July 16, 2009

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

i keep putting things off 'til tomorrow.
oh so not good.
i guess i keep waiting, putting off things to make sure i make the right decision:
- paint swatches went up but i keep changing my mind every 5 minutes. ( mr. Handsome loves it ha! not.)
- art studio is a mess... nothing really seems to fit in it's place like it used to. i feel out of wack. eh.
- decisions decisions decisions... lots of ????? going on.
- mojoless. or feeling a little funky lately. time to rethink things. rework some ideas. or just stop thinking too much altogether. anyone have the right answer? i feel like i know it but i just can't see it yet.

but good things are happening all around:
I got to play with this month's Kenner Road kit. xoxo


this page best explains my state of mind right now. although i do feel like it just went out of my hands and created itself. i don't really know why. but it just feels like randomness thrown together. i usually edit myself. this page has none. go with the flow sorta. kinda. sorta. hm. i do like the flower thingy :)

when I was making this page i had the biggest craving for shrimp spring rolls and chai tea boba. When mister handsome got home he was craving some too so take out it was! yum yum. and yes i stick my pinkie finger out when i drink anything. i don't know why? i catch myself doing that all the time. i might just be channelling my inner princess. lol

a little birdie

Thank you gift
I made this little gift wrapping for a present i will give my sister. She came over just recently and made me the most delicious meal from a Rachel Ray magazine she bought. YUM-o 'fo sho. And the sister time was much needed xo.

sweet lazy days

And here we are in Santa Barbara :) I took my sister to Santa Barbara for her 30th birthday a few years ago. I remember back to our times there fondly. Just chillin' by the beach. We went last minute. I bought tickets just 4 days before we took off on the train up to Santa Barbara. I love that we pretty much could walk everywhere and not get too tired from it. It was nice to explore a bit. I love coastal cities. I'm a beach bum at heart :) I also love those little rub on butterflies by basic grey! soooooo CUTE!

best friends
and me and Mr. handsome. I plan on keeping this little cute swatch by my new bedside table. Handsome and I had such a fun time at IKEA but definitely enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and frozen ice cream at the end of our spending spree. You need something to keep you kickin' while you go home and put all your IKEA stuff together. I got to build our bedside tables They are still standing lol! i think.

Okay dear art buddies. I wish you a happy heart full of joy and sunshine.
I'm off to clean up our guest bedroom for our first guest coming this weekend!


Lexi said...

I want to crawl inside your layouts and live there :D
LOVE them :)

Mandi Johnson said...

I really love everything, as usual. Are those colored rub ons you were using? I see something I like... but I'm not sure what it is. :)
I know how frustrating it is moving and you're not sure what you want and it takes a while to decide. I mean, I just this past month committed to hanging pictures at my house, and we've been here a year! Crazy. But sometimes it takes time just feelin out your space to see what should go where.

Elisa said...

really really really cute all of them :)

Amber Zimmerman said...

Your first lo that you created (mojoless?) is my fave of yours!! I love everything about it. Hope you feel grounded again soon. I think it just takes awhile in a new place to settle in and make it a "sigh" home as my mom always called it. ;-) A home you walk into and sigh because you're home and all your troubles just melt away.

Jody said...

I haven't scrapped in forever. Your stuff here is so fun. I love it all!

Kara said...

Oh, Debee, these are oh so wonderful! I stick out my pinky finger too all the time! :)

Naomi Chokr said...

i love your style and pages!!!!!! so amazing and soo original!!

HELLO TIGER! said...

You make beautiful things! <3

dani said...

I keep pushing things over the next day pretty every day it seems. That's frustrating.

All this is beautiful - seriously.

jamie said...

your style is so light and breezy...i visit here to just go "sigh". hey, and next time you are off to sb...i wanna go too...the so cal girl in me just will not die.

Erin said...

Hi to you too! I also just moved, picking up Ikea furniture tomm. morning I feel a mess creatively and mentally. So yesterday I got off work early and could not stand to be in my house. Hated it. Went to Starbucks and got an Iced Grande Caramel Machiato and sat there thinking. What could I do to get the flow back. Took out a pen and paper and started planning my little studio space. What I need for shelf space, where I think the best light is etc. I came up with a plan. Drove straight home and worked it!

That first page totally made me smile when I saw it. Such bright colors and yummy fun. Good job of letting go. Also how did you make those flowers on the "sweet lazy days" layout? Please share they are gorgeous. Take Care Mrs. Drummer girl! And thanks for inspiring.

Erin in Alberta

Melissa Mann said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts!! I always enjoy seeing your work!

Unknown said...

I really love what you've done with these! They're gorgeous. -e

Bekka said...

I just painted the third room in my house...I don't know how many times I changed my mind about color. In fact, I really want to repaint the room I just painted last week -- actually, just because the quality of the paint is soooo poor.

I love seeing your work! More gorgeous pages, as usual. :)

And I love IKEA, too! I was so proud of myself for putting things together! LOL

Anonymous said...

i love those projects, wow! simply beautiful!
i need some new tables here in our new place. there's no ikea here in mexico, but they have asister company i want to hit.
glad i stopped by! your blog is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i found your blog! love your work.


oh, hello friend. said...

:: sigh :: i love all your art.
have a great time!


iza said...

really really lurve ur style.gorgeous it...

amytangerine said...


Anonymous said...

wow.. your projects are stunning

On my way... said...

Wow!! I've just been blog hoping and am sure glad I did!! You're work is gorgeous, truly inspiring!!