Friday, February 19, 2010

awwwwww yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!

so i was due to report for jury duty this week.
but monday was a holiday. (yes!)
tuesday they didn't call groups in. (awesome)
wednesday they were closed for mandatory statewide office closures. (sweet)
thursday they didn't call my group in. (love it)
and today... i rolled out of bed.... didn't think about my jury duty until about 5 minutes ago.
Jury duty starts at 7:30 AM.
i rolled out of bed at 8:48 AM :P
just called to see if my group was called in for today
(heart beating fast)
the suspense!


and then the sweet lady on the voice message system says the sweetest thing... no groups called in for today.
my jury duty is served.


so i'm happy
kinda. :)

my back up yo stuff before you loose it party was a blast.
backed up in less than an hour. over 20,000 files.... 2 whole year of work.
backed that thang up.

*now let's pause for an MC HAMMER break it down session shall we?*
too legit to quit. :P


so this is what you look like to me now.
all shiny.
pretty sweet.
and look, you come with an apple symbol :)

this year, i made a commitment to further invest in myself. as selfish as that sounds, it really is a key point in accomplishing further goals down the line. Being self employed is tough. Nobody is going to provide you with anything you need to get your job done. soooooo, the mister and i bought this little MAC (be still my heart) named of course: Bella. And I am SO thankful for a computer that works and doesn't slow me down. I feel closer to my little dreams. one step at a time. this is exciting!

So yeah. this is where i work/play.
this is my happy place. I'm SO thankful that mister handsome set aside this room just for me. We live in a teeny tiny place, and this is all mine. I'm so blessed.

photo booth love

and this is how i look on the flip side. ( to you)
but i hide sometimes :P

starbucks in one hand.
friday love
happy smile.

today, my barista was wearing dark sunglasses while she took orders and made my drink.
she made me a delicious cinnamon dulce frap with whipped cream and sprinkles on top!
ahhhh.... sooo yummy :) then when i went to pay, i opened up my wallet and saw a starbucks card i received around christmas. I thought it didn't have any money on it but asked just in case. Lucky duck* There was enough to pay for my drink AND with change left over ;P
*hi 5 !* ( i LOVE it when that happens)

this weekend the mister and i are celebrating valentines/anniversary. The 20th is the day back about 5+ years ago that we became official boyfriend/girlfriend. that might not mean much to anyone. but we were each other's first girl/boy
friends. *so so so happy*

counting my blessings
happy friday to you!!!!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Wowz. . .what a happy day for you! =) I wasn't so lucky with the jury duty. I was on a murder trial! Yikes! I would love to see a tour of your home sweet home sometime. You have style!! Have a wonderful weekend. =)

Vee said...

happy friday love!! love your office, so inspiring! :)xo

Unknown said...

Yay for PHOTOS! :) I cleaned up real nice yesterday, bought fresh flowers, and intend to take pretty photos over the weekend while there's light out. Glad you got your frap- I just stopped by the bucks, too, and got a mocha. :)

Vasilly said...

The pictures of your office just made my day! So beautiful! Have a great weekend!

MaraMay said...

You are so perfectly splendid! :)
Thanks for sharing your little corner. It's delightful.

Denise said...

congrats on your mac-you are so right about being self employed. Both me and the hubbs are and we learned we need to spend money on good tools-the only way to get a good job done and take yourself seriously. good luck in making all your dreams come true! (love your happy place)

Unknown said...

totally digging that space - and that new Mac-Daddy! Gotta love a shiny new apple. :)

Enjoy the weekend and looking forward to no jury duty! whoo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, your office/craft room makes me green with envy!!!
Whata blessing indeed, no jury duty (and Starbucks card-score!)
have a great weekend...

Theresa said...

your little corner of the world is wonderful!
have a fun filled weekend!