Friday, February 26, 2010

crazy lady

definitely sums me up

crazy debee

wanna hear a crazy lady story... starring me?

I'm not kidding. Yesterday I went to the dentist after such a looooong time not going. I can't even remember how long ago it was! But anyhoo....I thougth i was ready to go back into the dentists office, i went in for a deep DEEP deep cleaning. Mr. Handsome had been to the same dentist previously so he explained briefly what they do. How it doesn't really hurt. They do a good job..... so on. I was ready.

so i thought.

now i'm a worrier by nature. i am a list maker. i live life a little stressed. but never have i ever been a super anxious person. i kind of like to think of myself as a person who can accept change and just go with it. But there have been times that i just freak out. The last time i was at a dentist i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. i went in for prep for the surgery. chatting with the team that was going to do the surgery.

i thought i was fine.
then they asked if i was cold. i said no. i feel fine. which i did. but no. i was shaking. and i didn't even notice it. until they all looked at each other and at me. shaking.
they quickly jumped into action to put me to sleep with the ever so famous laughing gas.

told me a quick joke. counted to 5
i laughed so hard.
i went to sleep mid laugh.
when i came to after the surgery they were all still laughing at me.
they had never seen anyone go under so fast and so silly like me :) i never made it to 5
proud moment.
no? hahaaa!

so i lived through that. fast forward to yesterday.
wonderful staff. two super sweet ladies who thoroughly explained the procedure. i nodded. sure no problem. turned my ipod on and they went right to work.

i felt myself tense up.
breathe, relax.
tense up moments later.
relax... thinking to myself.
MYSELF! you better get it together dangit!

i asked for a break.
they nicely obliged.
several large deep breathes later. relaxed. turn music back on. procedure continues.

well, 5 breaks later.... still not done. still not relaxed. still tense.
the final time i asked for a break it was obvious i was not able to take much more.... after 1 hour i was mentally done.
get me out of this chair i will hurt you kind of way.
i want my lollipop lady!

this time bathroom break. and they generously gave me a banana, and orange juice. like a little 5 year old.

what the heck is going on!?

i am no chicken.
right. afterall, i was completely numb for the whole thing and had not felt any pain! what was i worried about?!

i just wanted to turn myself off.
trying to find the switch was making me even more anxious.

needless to say, i am now. officially coming to the conclusion that yes, i might just be a little teeny tiny bit crazy.

and i just can't help it.

mr.handsome kindly reminded me while i was crying about the whole ordeal in his arms... that this happens to a lot of people. it's natural to be anxious. especially at the dentists office. and after not going for what seems like forever.

i would like to think that this is not a problem. that i can tough it out next week for my next appointment. but something inside is just not feeling it. so teeny tiny baby steps for me. pray before i go. make my visits shorter. and bring my own orange juice and banana :) hey, snacks are okay at my dentists office! yay for me! hahaaa

oh. they are never going to forget me at that dental office. what a way to go down in the books huh?

oh remember that girl deborah? the one that gets nervous like a scared Chihuahua? hahaaa!

before i left, the two dentist were joking saying next time they see me they would be ready with snacks :P
I'm so thankful that they made the best of me. even if it wasn't at my best.
that takes so much compassion.

i thanked them profusely and promised that i would behave next time.
and that, is a promise i hope to keep.

they said see ya later, and complimented me on my cute boots. hahaa. girls. totally love them.

you have any suggestions on what to do for a better visit next time? i'd love to hear them pretty please.

little miss crazy,


Unknown said...

Dramamine perhaps? ;) I had my teeth cleaned yesterday, too, and I had a few of those moments, too. I used to LOVE going to the dentist, and now I flinch and get all uptight. True story: When I was in high school, I was so scared of needles that when I needed to have a cavity drilled and filled, I chose not to have ANY anesthetic, but instead let them DRILL my tooth with no pain killers. I was an idiot. :) I can now say that having to have 2 surgeries the summer after i graduated, I have no issues with needles anymore. :)

Melissa Mann said...

aww! big ((HUGS))! I hope it goes better for you next time! I wish I had some kind of advice to give you...I guess I'm always one of those odd people that has always loved going to the dentist...but, I'm glad to hear that the staff was very cooperative and sweet! That goes a long way! cheers!

pakosta said...

come see my dentist. seriously.
the. best. dentist. ever.

so I am sitting in the chair and he is cleaning my teeth and he says, "so, I have wanted to tell you this for a long time and he tells me he came out of the closet and that he is gay" and I bust out laughing. and he looks at me and says, "don't laugh when I am telling you something so serious, this takes alot of courage" so I start saying "oh I am sorry" and he then busts a gut laughing. cause of course he is as far away from gay as you can get! but somehow, he had me convinced. he is a complete character and I adore HIM! haaaaaaa that got me to relax!!! LOL!
p.s. of course if someone was gay, they might find this offensive!

Jennifer Evans said...

Ok... don't feel bad. When I had all four of my wisdom teeth out they had me count to 10 backwards. I got out 10...9... and the last thing I remember hearing was, "Wow, that was fast." I am not kidding. I can remember thinking after saying 10 was, "Man what number is next?" I totally forced out the nine. So funny!

Stephanie said...

I have no idea. But, after having a root canal and other miscellaneous dental work, I'm like, best friends with my dentist. Anxiety no more.

Love, Carrie said...

Hi Debee!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my're the cutest!

I actually worked at a dental office for almost 10 years, and usually what we would do for helping our patients with similar situations was to give them nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) doesn't put you to sleep, it just helps you was common for the deep cleanings to have people request it, and they said it worked :)

Have a great weekend!
Smiles! Carrie

angie backen said...

well... at least you don't pee like a nervous chihuahua. that would be crazy. ;)

i'm right there with you on the dentist anxiety tho. my time is coming up soon, but i need to find one that knocks people out. even for cleaning. except... that makes me nervous too. good grief.


Bekka said...

No advice. But hugs. They sound very nice. The dentist hasn't really been an issue for me...those few years at the orthodontist were a different story. I was always in "nervous chihuahua" mode at those appointments.

You'll get through this. And if they don't give you a lollypop, I'll send you one myself! :)

Anonymous said...

i was laughing while i read this. only because i can relate. i always feel like i can't breathe while they are cleaning my teeth (or whatever they happen to be doing to my teeth).
it's so darn embarrassing when i have to keep ask them to stop so i don't start hyperventilating.
so...yep. crazy me,too.

Anonymous said...

i was laughing while i read this. only because i can relate. i always feel like i can't breathe while they are cleaning my teeth (or whatever they happen to be doing to my teeth).
it's so darn embarrassing when i have to keep ask them to stop so i don't start hyperventilating.
so...yep. crazy me,too.

lisarachel said...

lol! me too, I hate it! A year ago i went in for the first time in years and thoght "whats the big deal with people it cant be that bad! Ive had a baby with no meds! I can do anything!"

well It just sucks! i did it only because im stupidly stuborn but i wanted sooooooo bad to just leave but yes took many breaks

you have a good outlook and attitude,

maryboys said...

you aren't crazy:) it sounds like you were having little panic attacks, could ask your regular physician for just one or two doses of an anti-anxiety med to take half an hour before your appointment. i work in family medicine - and i did this for people who were extremely anxious in certain flying, or dental work. it really helps:)