Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dressed up gifts

are better.
sometimes i don't even want to tear into a present when it's so pretty. i just want to look at it :)

well over the weekend mr.handsome and i had a birthday party to go to. and honestly we were just going to buy a card. then i remembered i still had a maya road envelope i stashed away from one of KR's kits + i had 5 min before we headed out the door and = viola! love & happiness for sure :)
lucky birthday girl. handsome and i tucked a starbucks card inside with a note saying: thank you for being alive, we love that about you ;P (silly us).

Love & Happiness

then this pretty garland was headed international so i just had to doll her up with a fun tag.
i think hearts should be posted everywhere. like graffiti xoxo.

Whimsy garland

and the travel paper kits had a little fun and headed out all at once. kind of like they were having a party all to themselves hahaa.
and this is how i wrapped them up. i had some coco coloured envelopes left over from our wedding invitations and so i thought they fit into the travel "theme". they looked pretty darn cute all together. ( i bought tons of that ribbon for our wedding too but never used it. so glad i had a pretty reason for it :)

Travel paper kits all wrapped up

and remember the anthro inspired decor i made here? i had put most of the decor i made for my sister in a box. just sitting there, then i wanted this black and white garland to have something cute like a bow... i thought it fit perfectly. waste not. *smiles* xo
black and white garland

just my little gift for supporting my little art shop :)

today i'm heading out to finalize tax stuff.... anyone else going crazy with tax stuff?
a good crazy of course ;P i love my tax lady.

mr. handsome is buying me and our computer a new firewire cable, and external hard drive for a fun back-up-yo-stuff-before-you-loose-it party i'm having in my office. by myself. hahaa. and hopefully FINALLY migrate (i really have no idea what i'm talking about.) my new mac computer with my old tower so i can finally work in my studio! not on the living room floor. like a hippie. :)
peace & lub people.

then i'm heading to the post to say hi to my fav. post people. i actually have made friends with the clerks at the post office! they actually make going to the post a little fun. they have the radio on a cool music station, and they crack jokes about each other... very funny. hahaa. i guess that makes working there a bit more sane.

and today...
is going to be a good day.
for sure


Unknown said...

Love all the pretty photos! :) Have a sweet day, sweet. ;)

Melonie said...

Love all of the extra little touches that you add to everthing. This post makes me smile:)

Elisa said...

wowww Debee you are awesome, love your cuties, love your words, make me laugh everyday.
Thanks for sharing
p.s. love that turquoise ribbon, that´s my fav colour, I had some like that at my wedding too :)
I want marry him again!!!!! I want another wedding party

Papier, Ciseaux, Cailloux... said...

Thanks a lot for all... it's wonderfull... Simple and biautiful, and just it's need of color.
(sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...

hello love...said in my lousy english accent. your etsy goods always come to me in the prettiest packages. as a matter of fact, today i still had an adorable little envelope that was filled with goodies and all sewn up. i showed it to my hubby and told him i didn't want to rip it open because it was too cute.
yes, i too am so ready to get all the tax stuff out of the way so i can breath.
have fun at your "back-up yo stuff before you lose it" party. i just installed windows 7 and got a new external drive for my stuff too. i'd hate to have to redo all that work for the tax man. whew!
have a happy Thursday.

Bekka said...

Sigh. I have some of that teal ribbon, and I think it's just wonderful! I'm with you when it comes to pretty packages. I only wish I took the time to make mine pretty.

And I smiled when you mentioned the post office clerks -- I befriended mine while on jury duty a few years ago. We always check with each other to see if either of us have been summoned again. :)