Wednesday, February 24, 2010


or something like it. I LOVE the vintage inspired Fascinators i see all the lovelies wearing. I think they look sweet and sophisticated :) Something about them makes my heart skip a beat. I had purchased one from anthro a while back and since then have played around with the idea of making my own. To wear and even put in a shadow box with a few pictures. I want them everywhere!

i have fallen in love with feathers and handmade felt flowers.
so i played around in my little studio chillin', relaxing and made these cuties.

You can add a hair clip to them and wear them in your hair

debee blue

Or clipped onto your clothing
felt flower love

pin up

or even add a glue dot to the bottom of it and adhere to your scrapbook page!

new embellishments

I have a few more smaller mini flower pieces that I will be adding to the shop this week too.
I'm crushing on felt right now. it's sooooo nice to play around with and make cute fuzzy things.
Hope you enjoy the eye candy!
Have a beautiful Wednesday


1 said...

Very beautiful!!!And the model and the flowers!!!!

Denise said...

eek! those are so pretty, and so my dear, are you!

Elisa said...

they are so cute!!!! and they look amazing on your hair

Unknown said...

beautifulllll! i've been thinking about making some pretties like this with my special felt, but it's LOST in my office that I need to unpack! ;) They are absolutely lovely, my dear.

Bekka said...

They're so pretty!

Stay Funny said...

Beautiful new items!
Enjoy your end of the week!

Keri said...

These are so gorgeous...the combo of paper, netting, feathers, and fuzzy felt is FAB!!!

Curlywiggles said...

These are *gorgeous*

Mari said...

hey you gorgeous!!!
I love the hairpins, my gosh!!!
you rock;)