Thursday, February 25, 2010

flowers & jOy in mini form


today i'm sharing my little flowers and jOy mini :)
Finished this in just a half hour. I tend to take longer gluing stuff down ( *blush*smiles*)

I love how simple and colorful this little mini looks. I tend to shy away from using too much color on my pages, but this was a welcome change.

hope you like the little mini!
there is still just 1 little cutie left in the shop ;)

cover flowers & jOy

1 2 3 just you & me love *


mini garland + mini Page = love

faith *


and this is what it looks like all pretty in a package
flowers & joy package

mini index pics and handmade embellies, oh yes. love.

off to the dentist!
and then the post office :)
happy almost friday loves!



Vee said...

stunning mini and you have the prettiest shop! :)

Cathy Pascual said...

gorgeous! your minis are the bestest.

Unknown said...

I adore the first photo. Please tell me that I can have it. ;) Hey- I went to the dentist today, too! Ouch!

Bekka said...

I feel as if I say this every time I comment, but here we go again: pretty!!! :)

Hope your trip to the dentist was okay. My reminder arrived in the mail just this week.

Sweet Escape said...

I got my cutie pie kit in the mail!!!!...soooo excited!!! looked so pretty all wrapped up!!..can't wait to play with it!!!..thanks for being so cute!!!

Denise said...

these are so tiny and pretty! have a wonderful day (after the dentist)

lisarachel said...
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lisarachel said...

I wish I had discovered your shop earlier! Iv never actually bought anything from Etsy (using all my earned moneys back on the shop) but I truly enjoyed your shop (so i chose yours apposed to any others)

It looks like you truly enjoy what you make! I want that feeling in my do you do it?

February 26, 2010 8:30 AM

maryboys said...