Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy Valentine :)

my valentine love

i made this little digi love for the mister.
To celebrate our 1st valentine's day together as a married couple.
So glad we celebrate a week after the valentine holiday... dinner reservations were easy peasy :)

back in August of '09 I made this layout for Kenner Road. But before i stitched anything down, I took a quick picture of it. Something I had never thought of doing before. But so glad I did. Because today you get it for free :)

yay you!

Debeeruiz_free Digi Paper

I'm off to doll myself up for our big day.
- We are headed to the Farmer's Market ( we love the food & flowers :)
- Some fun San Diego freeway driving & sun bathing
- and then a special Thai food dinner at our fav place.

you my dear have a free digi page to play with xoxo
*smiles* :P

Hope you like the spray paint ( no fumes! yay)
Let me know what you think,



Melissa Mann said...

wow!! thanks for sharing the download!

and beautiful layout you made with it :-)

Hope you and your mister have a good day! Sounds like fun times are ahead!!

thank you also, for the very sweet comment you left at my blog ;-)


bethchien said...

I have never done a digi page before. This is sooo beautiful! thanks for sharing it! I am going to give it a try! lol :D

Jennifer Evans said...

Thank you so much! Such a great gift for the weekend! ;)

Jennifer Evans said...

Ok... I just used this page and it is totally awesome! I would love to have quick pages like these to digital scrapbook with. It is totally my style but I can have fun without the mess on those "can't get the paint out" days. You should totally think of selling some of these in your etsy shop! Check out my page at! Hugs!

bethchien said...

you may have just created a monster! lol
I am having so much fun!

Traci Keriazakos said...

Hey! Just thinking of you and thought I'd stop by.


Rose said...

such a cute layout. ditto what jen said, i'd love to see more of these :)

phinner said...

aww, u r soooo nice! merci beaucoup!

: .)

Tyggereye said...

This is great! I love your layout. I'm going to have to download your background and play with it. Its so cool! Have fun on your date. :)

Bekka said...

This is gorgeous! I'll definitely be playing with this! Thanks sweetie!

Naomi Chokr said...

I love this page!!! Did you use spray paint to create that effects? Or did you just use a mister like maya mist? Also the droplets how did you do that and what do you use? Im so curious i just love your style!!!