Thursday, February 4, 2010

it's plain black and white today


actually. black is one of my fav colors. the absence of color is cool to me. i also have a surprising crush on white now. we (mr.handsome) just finished putting some white flooring in my newish studio and well, i LOVE it. I'm so excited! look at my cute tarjey boots on my new flooring!


We're still setting everything up but I will just say it's looking great :) xo

Onto more black and white yes?

chickers and d

so my little sis was married back in Jan. (is she not just the cutest?!) That's us at her wedding doing a cheesy prom pose hahaa! i love her. xoxo

So we hit off the festivities with a little bridal shower. I was happy to nominate myself for a cute candy bar. ( so i can't help myself, i love candy hahaa! it was more for me ; )

SO here's what i came up with:

bridal shower love

I made some big pom pom's, cute little mini garlands, added some candles and of course black and white candies.
( york peppermint, sno caps, white m&m's, hershey's kisses and hugs )

candy bar *swoon*

I even made heart shaped stickers from some old scrapbook paper ( i'm thinking 7gypsies?) to seal the candy bags.

Don't doilies just make everything better? :)

jar decor

I got this idea for the jar decor after going to anthro and receiving a gift wrap kit (christmas time). Inside the kit there were felt circles that when grouped together they made this cute pattern. I loved it! I quickly put together these to top off each jar.

And of course, still not over my garland crush. xoxox

had to make a few garlands that I will be adding to my belladrummer etsy shop for a good price of course *wink*wink*
Butterflies, more cute little pom pom's and some circle's and hearts to add a special touch.

simple garlands

handmade pom pom's

Aren't they cute? So simple and sweet. i love the black and white details.
We had a good time filling our little bags full to the brim.
My sister loved it so much she decided to add this candy bar to her wedding reception.
Ah, good times.

how can you not have a good time when candy is involved?
a high



Unknown said...

Cute! I tried to get those boots, but my target didn't have them, and they were unavailable online! sad!!! Yay for you, though!

Bekka said...

Cute boots. Cute scarf. Cute Debee.

And yes, candy multiplies fun. :)

Anonymous said...

don't think i've ever commented here, but if i have, i probably said that.

i love that you can go from clean, classic, black and white...and then grunge it, texture it, mess it up with your art in the most perfect of ways.


angie backen said...

good grief... you amaze. also, i want to have a party of some sort just so you can come decorate. yep.

Unknown said...

WOWZA! I am so with you on B&W - my fave - so crisp and clean. You are just a regular little Martha Stewart now aren't you!?

Lovely everything. for reals.

Vanessa said...

gorgeous party! Love the garlands and little pompom flowers!

dani said...

what a beautiful bridal shower!

Vee said...

what a gorgeous party, love totally!