Thursday, February 18, 2010

M is for Mona

mona & debee

hello :)
Just finished my yummy pasghetti lunch.
thought i would hop on here during lunch and wave hi to you :)


and mona wanted to come with so here we are... pretty sly.
you usually just see her pretty pictures, but today we are changing things up a little with an ever so unoriginal take-a-picture-with-your-camera shot. (picture taken at disneyland in Minnie's house)



little miss mona is a canon 40d with a sigma lens

she's pretty. that's all that matters right?

i used to have a canon rebel before this model.
film. when i went to cambodia i took 30 rolls of film. ended up paying more to develop the pictures than the worth of the camera. oh boy. reality set in. digital is the way to go. :)

so now you've formally met mona.
we get click* happy
it's love,


Unknown said...

So, when did you go to Cambodia? That sounds like a good story. :) Enjoy your pasghetti...I'm eating BBQ!

angie backen said...

we had pasghetti yesterday. :9

i like "mona". she's cute. hee.
i really need to come up with a name for my camera... hmmmmm. i also need to learn how to use it. ;)


Bekka said...

Hi Mona! You are quite lovely.