Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q & A

Jen said...
Ok... I just used this page and it is totally awesome! I would love to have quick pages like these to digital scrapbook with. It is totally my style but I can have fun without the mess on those "can't get the paint out" days. You should totally think of selling some of these in your etsy shop! Hugs!

first off Jen, I LOVE your digi page you made with the free download!!!
So happy it worked out for everyone :)
It's my first free download and hopefully not my last *hint*hint*wink*
as far as selling some digi goodness in my ETSY, i think i might just sneak in some pages. Thank you for liking them and for your encouragement! I love designing and feel like it really does make me happy to make something that i love and you really like :)
it's perfect for us all! yay!

I totally know what you mean about having fun without the mess. we have a backyard with bricks splattered all over with paint *oops*
and of course my carpet. oh my.

I was at michael's and i walked into the martha section...
I guess they have a "kit" section in the same aisle and i FOUND MY 8X8 SCRAPBOOK KIT !!!!
i partly designed this kit for MAMBI about a year ago ( can't remember, it was a while ago)
It comes in this package:

insert cheesy photobooth pic:

and most of the pages come with paint splatters all over them :)

my fav:

It's called Debee- Us and it's $6.99. so just keep that in mind next time you have a michael's coupon :)
i think it's worth it :) especially if you want to try the paint splatter style without the fuss.
I'm such a bad influence. i know. alright infomercial over. (yikes! sorry)

Naomi said...
I love this page!!! Did you use spray paint to create that effects? Or did you just use a mister like maya mist? Also the droplets how did you do that and what do you use? Im so curious i just love your style!!!

Hi Naomi! Thank you for the sweet comment! I did use black spray paint ( i use black matte & glossy spray paint ) to create the splatter effects. To make the droplets I just lightly press on the spray nozzle so just a little bit of paint comes out. I just play around with how much pressure I use to spray the paint over my page. easy peasy!

Natalie said...
I could look at your stuff all day. Lovely colour combinations, beautiful graphic designs. Just amazing!
I am curious to know what punch you've used for those doily/flower type shapes? The one you made the mini-garland out of?

Hello Natalie :) *blushes* thank you for the sweet comments, you are too nice!
hmm.. okay, i know I bought it from the Martha Stewart line. I think it's called "Medallion". I bought mine at Michael's ( yeah, i practically live there)

funny tid bit, during college i used to work there. hahaa. just for 3 months. and i never bought one.single.thing. srsly.

oh yeah, i know someone also asked about the circle punch i always use.
it's also from Martha Stewart and it's called "Starburst".

certifiedpaperfreak said...
hello love
you know how much i love your kits. they are so easy to put together in a snap.
quick question. do you use an actual typewriter on your pages or is it a font?
have a happy Valentine's day!

My sweet Sandra xo,
I inherited a very old panasonic KX-E700m from a previous job. The typewriter is not pretty to look at but i can pretty much fit anything up to 16 inches in width through that baby and type my heart out! it's pretty useful when i want to add journaling to my pages. It takes up SO much desk space and it's SUPER heavy and i ran out of the corrector tape, and cannot for the life of me find more cartridges for it ... but until the ink runs out, she's a keeper. :)

Rose said...
here's my 'pretty much anything' question ;) who inspires you?

Hello Sweet Rose :) *waving hi*
i come from a traditional art background. i would've loved to have been a painter. or even just an animator. but even back when i first discovered the following creative painters during art school, i knew i would not be the same. They inspire my paintings, graphic designs and even art journaling to this very day. I have a few favs that hold a special place in my heart as far as inspiration...

marc chagal

Pablo Picasso ( i once named a beta fish after him :)

gustav klimt

they all speak to me. visually, emotionally. i love the essence of their art. so peaceful, beautifully detailed and emotionally charged. that's my kind of art. it provokes. it fills a little void of happy in my heart.

what's inspring me now...

i want to live here.

i have yet to make a trip to peru, or bolivia or istanbul... but i have this urge, this "home" feeling when i think and see anything that has to do with these places and people.

i want to dress my babies like this:

i kid you not. LOVE

i am drawn to them in such a way i know something good will happen and someday i will be able to visit these fairy tale places. That's what they are to me. Mr. Handsome and i are actually planning on a trip to peru maybe this year to celebrate our first anniversary ! keep your fingers crossed for us! we didn't have a honeymoon so this is it :)

i love lamas. *kiss*kiss*

i want to dress with this.

i sometimes feel like i was meant to be born somewhere else. hahaa. i'm a foreigner. and i have a mission in life to fill up a passport. and before i'm too old to enjoy it. i have only 20 more stamps. :)

so that makes me visually happy right now. i know. you were probably expecting something more spray painty and splattered. but this is my eye candy... my happy. it keeps my creative spirit on fire. *sizzle* ;P

thank you for your questions!
have a terrific tuesday loves!


Haberdawoman said...

I love those little Peruvian hats, when my grandma went back to Peru I made sure to remind her to get me one of the traditional outfits for our daughter as well as the Cholo hat that I heart oh so much! But living in S Florida made it knid of hard to wear the outfit since it is always so hot : )
BTW, I love love love your blog and I would have loved to download that digi template but I have no clue how to do the whole digi thing ; )
Have a great week.

Jenn said...

I looked everywhere for that MAMBI kit and could never find it. THe hunt continues!

Denise said...

I hope you can go to Peru with Mr. Handsome! I have that lovely "home" feeling about China and I have never been there-
thanks for sharing your answers-I missed the question part but I like the one that were asked. As always-a delightful visit.

Naomi Chokr said...

Sooo cool!!! Thank you so much Debee for answering my question!!! I will have to try using spray paint on my pages now!!!!

Thank you thank you!

maggie holmes said...

So exciting!! The kit looks fab!! Love your work!!
I would love to see more of your creative space! I am new to your blog so maybe you have already shared and can point me in the right direction!!
Thanks! :)

Bekka said...

I saw that kit recently! Sadly, I did not have my coupon that day. But now that you've taken the papers out of the pack, I'm going to find my coupon as fast as I can! :)

Lovely post!

Melissa Mann said...

awesome Q & A!

I bought your kit that you put out through MAMBI last year and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I made a mini book out of it and saved all the tiny scraps of paper I had left from the kit :-)

Jennifer Evans said...

Thanks for the sleepless night! All I could think about was spray paint digi pages! ;) Gimme gimme! Ha!

I have just moved into my new home and studio space and was so careful to not spray my new carpet. Ha! We are renting now, so I think I wouldn't want to explain to my landlord why there was a new shade of black and red in the living room. Wish it wasn't so wet here then I could go outside to spray. But, the trash can has to work for me now.

Have a great day!

metrochic said...

i saw your kit in my michael's today - just so you know, it was the only 8x8 in that section that had only one left. ;) GO DEBEE! hee. <3