Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple & Sweet

Pop Garland

I love paper
so so so much. i can't ever throw the left over bits and pieces away.
it's a sin
it's to delish to let them disappear into the trash

i like to sit in front of the tv and punch shapes out of the pretty piles of paper.
i like to make garlands. make things. to look at. to enjoy.

Whimsy garland

it's silly but to me it's such a thrill to make a string of pretty paper and let it sway in a small corner of the room.
all pretty and such.
it makes a big difference.
simple and sweet

the shop is finally updated. there is a sale on a select few garlands.
and a sale on the cute valentines goodies still left.
enjoy to your little hearts content.

Do you remember this garland?


I had bought some extra sassafras lass papers and as i was going through my paper pile i found a bundle of them. So i thought goodness i should make a couple of the pretty garlands i made for this same page. it turned out super cute!

Hot air balloon

i love all their papers. xoxo

and to think all this pretty paper was hiding in a huge paper pile.
hoard no more :)
eye candy delight!

have an amazing monday!


Denise said...

I love your garlands Debee. It is a shame to throw paper away when they could make bits of magic like this!

badanka said...

U inspire me
AND Yes -they are so you

Have a great day

Bekka said...

So pretty!!!

Elisa said...

love the garland and the layout is so beautiful!!!

Niella said...