Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a small treasure

is in this little kit.

treasure book

treasure kit

dainty embellishments

small treasures

completely inspired by a delightful trip to SF. Tags, and labels and slide frames...and my favorite, a cute little garland made from vintage sheet music. *swoon* this can either dress up your little mini book or add it as decor in your home. Either way i bet it will look both fancy and sweet. :)

The truth is, i bought a huge pack of the travel line from Making memories back when I was brainstorming for wedding invitation ideas Jan of 09. and i thought i would use this paper line to make my invites. well, i just don't think i was ready to make 150 wedding invitations by hand. :) call me crazy. but i designed and printed my own invitations anyway. but it all worked out. and so i found my paper pack over the weekend, knowing for sure i would use the papers to make a mini kit for our recent trip up to SF. and i think it was meant to be xoxo

When i found the paper pack my little heart melted with the possibilities of this little kit. I completely was hoarding the pack. hoping to never use it. never let it go. but thankfully, i think it looks even better with the rest of the small treasures in the kit. it seems they all get along just right ;)

4 are now available in the shop here.
The cost is just a little bit more because of the handmade embellies i carefully and lovingly made for this kit.
hope you find this little treasure to be just as adorable as i think it to be.
i will post my mini as examples this week.


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Anonymous said...

hello love
you know how much i love your kits. they are so easy to put together in a snap.
quick question. do you use an actual typewriter on your pages or is it a font?
have a happy Valentine's day!