Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wake up

remember how yesterday i was all gun ho about waking up early to get some art done.
the rest of the day i was dreaming about SLEEP. srsly. i went to bed at about 7ish (for a wee nap) then asked the mister to wake me up in a half hour and the next time i woke up it was 10:30 pm!

but the mister said he came to wake me up both at 8 and 8:30! and with a kiss no less.xo *swoon*
he said i was awake and said i would get up. I DON'T REMEMBER any of it!
oh dear.
so i got up and was WIDE AWAKE o _O at 10:30 pm.
i made these little packages for all the paper kits that are sold out! woot woot!
to everyone who bought one of these paper kits can you please send me pictures ( of your little mini book creations? I'd love to show them here for some eye candy! xoxo pretty please and a sweet thank you!

belladrummer etsy

i just finished my morning breakfast. i LOVE texture. not just in my art but even in my food. :)

morning look

off to do some tax stuff.
ps: just to clarify... i didn't intend to spray paint on my carpet on purpose. :) that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!
It's all stained now. it's ugly. totally gross.
but it was too cold to go outside and spray paint. so i did that indoors :)
mr.handsome leads a really adventurous life with me.

time to wake up loves!
today is gonna rock.


Unknown said...

I want a bow! Those are SO pretty!!!

Elisa said...

your breakfast look delicious!!
I love your everyday stories, they are so funny :)
the little packages are AMAZING

Love, Carrie said...

ooohhh....i can't wait to get my package in the mail....your breakfast looks yummy!

Mari said...


those packaging bows looks amazing!!!! woooow!!
you are truly an inspiration!!

You need to teach me some! :)

Jody said...

Your breakfast looks delicious and so do your cute crafts! Love them all! Happy {early} Valentine's Day too. xoxo

Denise said...

oh my-I spray painted my sun room carpet too Debee. My husband who has been legally attached to me for 13 years just shakes his head. Hey-it's what makes us interesting right?

prashant said...

love your everyday stories, they are so funny

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Vee said...

yum on all accounts! :)

Bekka said...

Okay, now I need to know what is in your breakfast, because it looks wonderful!

Love your bows!