Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a weekend of chaos and fun

So after surviving my first teaching stint... I am happy tired.
I could not have successfully taught my classes without the help of my wonderful sponsors:

To The Nest Etsy
Kate packed 125 little packages full of twine from her shop. She is absolutely amazing. And this twine was everybody's favorite treat!

Allison is such a wonderful person, she donated sheets of yummy hambly overlays to my classes. Absolutely a fun product to play with.

So thankful to Lauren and everyone over at MAMBI. They donated the chipboard album kits i designed. It was fun watching everyone play with the kit. All that hard work payed off :)

Cosmo Cricket
A happy and fun group of people and products. Perfect combination :) I love cosmo cricket.

Scrapbook Oasis
And a special thanks goes to Susan and Karen at Scrapbook Oasis who put on the Reflections event. I had fun shopping with you lovelies! *smiles* And never have i met a team of women who work so well together. very inspiring :) ***some of you have been asking about purchasing a kit for my class. All the remaining kits are being sold by Scrapbook Oasis. There is more contact info via their website link here.***

And Suzy Plantamura.She saved my life this weekend via her sewing machine. I cannot thank her enough for bringing in her own sewing machine and letting my students rock it :) It was a much better experience for my new to sewing students. I even got some feedback from people who were going to buy a sewing machine after taking the class! yay! good times :)

I also loved meeting the teachers, Kelly Goree, Kelly Purkey, Elizabeth K, Katie W, Maggie H, and even though i didn't get a chance to meet Danielle, i'm sure she was just as lovely as the rest of the gang.

And last but not least... my Mr.handsome.
you are my bestest friend in this whole wide world. you can lift me up like no other. you make me laugh (sometimes at you. but i still laugh :) and you make me feel more confident in myself. Thank you for believing in me. In my art. In us. Thank you for sticking by me through this whole teaching adventure. You were the best part. I love being around you. i love scrapbooking your coffee plate. i love that you never sweat the small stuff. or the big stuff. you are my deep breath. my chill pill. i love you mister mister. from the bottom of my spray painty heart. xoxo

and to celebrate, we took a day trip up to see mickey mouse (again. thank goodness for the 2fer passes)

here we are in our spiffy cool 3D captain EO glasses

About to enjoy "it's a small world" can't get that song out of my head! hahaa :)

inside the ride, there are pretty funky suns. (My mom loves this ride. She makes us all go on it about 4-5 times. can you imagine? hahaaa! )

hello mickey!

such a pretty castle.

i love all the arcade lights

it was nice to relax after a busy weekend. All the crazy chaos was worth it.

now back to work for me :)

i will announce a final date for my next ETSY update this week. I'm trying out some new fun stuff. Playing with new items i just ordered and having fun in this little creative space. so thankful for right now.

oh and happy cinco de mayo! :)



phinner said...

linky,linky,linky for kits please!

Unknown said...

Awww, fun! Glad you had a good time, and yay for disneyland! We were there almost exactly 4 years ago on our honeymoon, and I can not wait to go back!!!

jamie said...

happy cinco de mayo to you!!!

Nadine said...

looking forward to that etsy update ^^

Anonymous said...

if you had updated yesterday i would have written "may the 4th be with you"... but since it's not, i won't ... love loving ya ;)

Diana Martin said...

WOW Debee....I so wish I lived closer to you all....would love to have attended your class!! xo

Danielle Flanders said...

Hi Debee, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you...I don't know how we missed each other the whole weekend! LOL I hope your classes went well.

Cherie said...

Debee I LOVED your class! I finished my book that night in the room. As soon as I get a chance I will post it. Your were so sweet :)

Unknown said...

Wish i could attend your classes! But i am in the other end of the world (ie Singapore) Sigh...
anyways just wanted to say i love how you rock the spray can. I am so inspired and am thinking of just gettin some and experimenting! Thanks for your wonderful layouts and inspiration

Jennifer Evans said...

Sounds wonderful!

b.ary said...

I loved meeting you at Reflections! Your class was great! The spray painting was a lot of fun! Thank you!

Belinda :)