Thursday, July 1, 2010

art and life

it can get a little messy sometimes in the studio but not any more :)

i have been playing around fiddling with some wooden clips... love them so much. Add to that a bad case of scrap paper hoarding and then there is serious craziness around here. so i combined the two and they are in love :)

artful & inspired

now my walls don't look so shabby and sad. I think they glow now. Most definitely brightening my mood. *smiles*

sweet :)

I decided to add them to the shop for some love sharing. I'm sure they can brighten your spirits and creative space some.

peony love clips

Sigh* I think I'm going to clip these up on my fridge :)

pretty clip

I printed out mini polaroid prints of some of my favorite photos and added one print per set of clips. I think that should be a good start to a lovely inspiration wire. ;) Wink Wink ;)

little blue shoes clips

I also made some pretty embossed tags out of some left over manila cardstock I had around the studio. I love texture!

inspiration wire xo

i think these are my favorite

inspired clips packaging

it's the black and white with the wood peeking through. love love xo

or maybe the cute scissors pattern?

so cute!

thanks for letting me share my silly wooden clip love/obsession xo

happy almost weekend! yay
- d


Anonymous said...

wait... what am i gonna hang my clothes with?... oh yeah, the treadmill... love ya ;)

bethchien said...

those are adorable!! and wicked cool!

Angela said...

These clips are so adorable! What a great idea! ;)

Bekka said...

They're so pretty! And that yellow background of yours is calling my name. Lovely.

Colleen said...

These are so lovely! I adore them.

MaraMay said...

I've seen these before but no doubt yours are definitely thee cutest. :)
Lovely with your photos too, of course. ;)

jamie said... always!


Jennifer Evans said...

sigh! love these!

Leigha said...

Gorgeous. Just popped over from decor8...and I love everything I see!