Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspire Lovely Class Winner!

inspire lovely class kit

I'm getting so nervous now that we are only 2 days from Sunday! Class starts and the teacher is SO nervous... in a good way :)
Or maybe it's the starbucks caffeine talking?! lol

All kits looked so pretty at the post :) Happy mail is on its way if you ordered a kit.
Even Mr.Handsome got in on the fun and helped me kit over 20 kits! He looked SO adorable :)
All e-mail invites for the on-line class have been emailed to all my lovely students. ( Please check your email! )

There is still time to purchase a pass for the class. ( the paypal button in the previous post is still active)
All the fun starts Sunday evening so we will get the party started then. awwwwwwww yyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh !!! I just got butterflies in my tummy typing that! hahaa

And so we have one very cute winner:

Congratulations Kathy! Please email me at and I will e-mail you the class info. :)

I LOVED reading all the responses to your favorite color. Seems like I loved the ones that used very cute descriptions to explain your favorite color. Some are so romantic :) Thank you for sharing your faves.

I'm off to run last minute errands with so many ideas and things to do swirling around my head a girl could go crazy! But first... starbucks. hahaa! Cross your fingers for me okay? I hope this class is as fun as I think it's going to be :)

I will share my silly out takes here. *wink*

happy friday almost sunday xoxo



jamie said...

congratulations, grandma fun for you.

looking forward to sunday evening...can't wait actually!!!

enjoy your starbucks!


blue china studio happy said...

Can't wait for class! See you Sunday.

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

Hi Debee,

I did not receive an e-mail (I ordered both class and kit). Could you check on this for me? My e-mail is
I am so excited also!!!
Thank you.

Jen Kolakowski

MarieDK said...

hi debee, i have payed for the class, but havent got an email from you. Just want to make sure that I got a spot :) send you an email.

jennie cornell said...

Hi Debee-
I just signed up for the class on Sunday afternoon.
I haven't received a confirmation email...Just wanted to make sure that you have on the list? thanks so much! Cannot wait-