Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm all fuzzy

fuzzy inspiration
(photo credit to dear miser handsome)

I've been sleeping late
doing a lot of day dreaming
taking much needed naps :)
and teaching my on-line class. (how did I think it was going to be easy? hahaa!)
I've been sharing my fuzzy inspiration and it's been such a good learning experience for me too. I feel like I'm relearning everything. Good times indeed.

I've been itching to get back into crocheting... my yarn order came in. It's been pouting at me and its looking very convincing :) I need what i like to lovingly call "my grandma time" ( AKA: crochet time ). So many family and friends pregnant with little ones on the way... I've got a lot of baby cuteness to make!

But for now, I'm just teaching sweet lovelies how to ruin their carpet with spray paint :)
Gosh, it's a tough job. But somebody's gotta do it.

rockin' the fuzzy inspo,


Ashley said...

This is such a gorgeous picture. Loves.

Sheri Twing said...

Beautiful picture! And we are loving ruining the carpet with spray paint! Thanks for your inspiration!

Kim Archer said...

And you've been doing a wonderful job with the class too - I am really enjoying it!! Thank you:)
Kim Archer

Rebecca Grinder said...

Late, one night this week, I got a call from my sis...she was talking a mile a minute, a sure sign her creative juices were flowing and she wasn't going to bed for a few more hours - at least! *smile* She was telling me how your class is PURE JOY! I can't wait to see what she makes next!

alexkeller said...

oh, i'm the bad kid in the class....leaving for a trip tomorrow, son is starting preschool next week - i'm going to have to work on my projects when we get back. i can't wait, because i love what i'm seeing!

Bekka said...

Grandma-time is the best. :) Hope you're able to make some time for it. Lovely photo.

Michelle Springer said...

Just got the happy package in the mail, and I am excited to start tomorrow. You are the cutest little thing, you really are. Loving what you're doing!