Monday, October 18, 2010

i heart birthdays xoxo

happiness xo

if you recently celebrated a birthday, happy birthday!
we had a fun time yesterday celebrating with family. My sister turned 21 again :)
She came back from hawaii a bit ago and lucky her, she celebrated her birthday in hawaii while visiting our sister. So we had a sweet belated birthday celebration in her honor.

a cup of sweets?

Mister handsome and i gifted her some very lovely gifts:
First by making some delicious chocolate walnut cupcakes and some pretty cupcake tops out of this months paper kit from Cocoa Daisy. I really love the dainty flowers :) And what better way to eat a cupcake right? a cup of one sounds soooo good right now :)

floral ring

We also gifted her this beautiful ring from a delightful store we visited in Canada: Barefoot Contessa. SO adorable. I love the gold details. Very charming. xoxo

birthday box

I also made her a pretty floral brooch. Which worked as a pretty little gift topper :) I think the two (the ring and the brooch) will look sweet together. Gifts must look good. and so do sweet sisters :)


And every gift needs an equally beautiful tag. I loved the gold on the ring so much i made a pretty gold foil garland tag to go with the gift. It's so shimmery. I almost passed out from the excitement :) To add the finishing touch... I punched out circles from vintage fabric sheets and sewed a little garland for her. I then wrapped the garland around the box for a perfect finishing touch. I love that everything serves more than one purpose :)

pretty banner tags

I made a few extra tags to add to my little shop here

doily gift box

And a while back i made these cute boxes to share some home made oatmeal cookies with loved ones. I also stocked a few in the shop here

i love birthdays. There is a very handsome man's birthday I cannot wait to celebrate coming up soon. i'm more excited about it than the birthday man himself :)

i'm hoping you enjoy a beautiful day
celebrate your everyday xoxo


Love, Carrie said...

everything is beautiful!...and the gold right now is such a warm and still bright touch, it's perfect : )

<3 Carrie

curlyqmosaics said...

Beautiful gift Debee. I agree, making gifts that serve a dual purpose are the absolute best! Thanks for sharing such beautiful images!


Today I have been packing all day and feel like a zombie . . . but your beautiful blog gave me some energy. Thanks.


Bekka said...

What a beautiful cupcake!

Keshet said...

Remind me to come over my new birthday:) Love all the details!

Unknown said...

Pretty photos, pretty packaging, and pretty tags. And I love the idea of a cupcake in a cup. I guess it's pretty obvious, isn't it? Hah. :)

Mari said...

your wrappings and packages are so adorable, I am smitten!!
And thank you:) I just had a birthday, (30!!) my daughter just had a birthday and my husband had a birthday yesterday:) The first 3 weeks of october is really busy for us:)

Havnig a big celebration on friday, wanna come?LOL