Sunday, October 3, 2010

my little art pages

hello :)
i wanted to share a bit of paper love with you today. after losing track of time with all the celebrating last month i just seemed to take an unexpected blog break too :)

sigh. september was so much fun!

the story of 31

i made this page about turning 31 and jotted down some wishes and hopes for this new year... ( on the back of the page of course ;) I think i got flower happy with this one. Maybe even hippie?! lol. 31... you hold new dreams...hope, joy and good times. I love you already xo

happy day

and because i'm so bad at buying birthday cards and sending them... i thought i would get a head start and make this little special card with some of my scraps. This little guy will be for someone really special... and very handsome :) ( any guesses?)

which ironically leads me to this handsome fellow.

i don't know what i love more?
a) the glo worm
b) the playskool computer
c) the training pottie
d) cute bare baby feet
e) tiny bare legs
f) the fact that mr.handsome was the cutest little boy & all of the above
i just want to kiss him... so cute !

kept this page simple as i really wanted the main subject to be the mini polaroid picture of mr.handsome. i love that cute air balloon rubon.. and the stars. loads of fun to stitch. punch out 3 stars from your favorite paper. next mark the area with a small dot on your paper where you want the stars to end up. then start sewing/embroidery using the dot as a starting point and get crazy from there. lastly... glue stars on the 3 areas you marked with a dot. ( this covers the mark you made perfectly) ta-dah! you rocked it :)

and look... this is what he looks like 100 years later. potty trained and all :)
I'm trying to find a glo worm to add to my collection of toys i want for our imaginary children. you know. i'm crazy that way. but anyhoo... this is us at a padres game. i. my dear friends. will not lie. i was trying to pay attention. and failed miserably. the hot dog was good though :)

i xo you

this is just a simple page about saying "i love you".
you say it everyday
we mean it very much
i say it everyday
we still show it
you and me

it feels very valentinesy but you know... we still keep track of how long we've been married. 1 year and 6 months on oct.24th. not that you need to know :) but happy almost anniversary mister! i think i also have fallen in love with my heart paper punch. it's a tie. xo

and lastly... my favorite food date ever. kogi
the best korean BBQ tacos ever! we tried the kogi dog, blackjack quesadilla, short rib taco, tofu taco and spicy pork taco. my favorite is the blackjack quesadilla. to DIE for! my tastebuds were overjoyed . we ended up stopping by on a visit up to LA. We tracked down the taco truck at a VW dealership. Ate in the car and completely loved it. now we're trying to make up excuses for a trip up again :) it's that good. I think mr.handsome said they were featured on the food network too. amazing.


and just as amazing? the best date ever.
he's right up there with the quesadilla and heart paper punch.
riiiight up a notch.

thanks for you patience with me :)
missed you and will come back to share my dottie angel goodness.
good times,


Jaszmurka said...

great layotu! "i xo you" my fav! ♥

Irini said...

Fantastic to see you back!
Glad to hear your birthday celebration was so special.
Your art pages are to die for yet again...
Waiting to hear how your grandma dream camp went!!

Anonymous said...

we must share an anniversary! my 6th month is October 24th.

loove the star page. but they are all rad.


lisa said...

Beautiful pages.

Elisa said...

love to see your pages again, miss them a lot... love all of them, but Mr.Handsome little boy is my favourite..for everything in it...
thanks for spreading your love everywhere, it travels through the ocean to here :)

Melissa Mann said...

LOVE. love. love.

Jill said...

These pages are fantastic! You have a magic touch.

Family Valois said...

Hello. I have actually followed your blog a bit, but never said hello! So...HELLO! I love these pages! Really really love them! :D

Denise said...

oh the Mr. Handsome one is my fav! Just perfect. hope you had a fun trip Debee!

Christina said...

Love them. Just absolutely love them. sigh ...

I'm SO inspired:) Thank you for posting these!

bethchien said...

what fun fun pages!! I love them all! they are so unique and wicked cool!
OH! and I forgot ...I saw something while driving a week or so ago and it made me think of you. So, I took a pic. I will email it to you. it's cute! ;D
Hope you are having a great weekend!

m said...

they are lovely, really simple but really effective. Thanks for sharing :o)

tenaya said...

beautiful pages! I especially love the feeling of whimsy and carefreeness (is that even a word?) of the MR layout.

claudia shadler said...

came by way of JBS inspiration blog and saw that you were on the guest DT peeps, wonderful and gorgeous stuff, luv yer scrap pages and the journaling cards on yer etsy store are awesome! (waiting to get paid to get some :) and now i'm gunna be a regular visitor :)

-C :)