Tuesday, October 12, 2010

photo love


it's on. i finally edited down the 500 images i downloaded from Mona. Mr handsome and i traveled to Seattle and Canada for a few days to celebrate us :)

dottie dearie

I traveled first up to Seattle for the weekend to enjoy some crafty love with some of the most amazing women I've ever met. I packed up Mona, fabric and yarn to play with. The suitcase weighed in at 50 pounds even. I almost broke my back :) I got to sleep in a beautiful mansion and the room was so lovely and airy. It was perfect.

I finished my apron. I think it took me about 3 hours since I'm all novice and i know i can totally screw things up in .0001 seconds. So i watched the other dearies and learned so much :)

apron love

I added some french knots and a little bit of lace for texture. I am afraid to wear it as I might spill something over it and I am so afraid it will fall apart :) But anyhoo, we all wore our aprons around the house morning noon and night. some pretty spiffy lookin' gals for sure :)

beavering away

we beavered away like there was no tomorrow in this pretty space by the kitchen. Angela and Mary ( pictured in the kitchen ) were the most lovely of hosts and prepared the most amazing food for us. mmmmm..... i didn't count calories all weekend. xo

And some candid shots of the pretty decor...
( I love Tif's sense of humor. She put a doily on this guy to make him fit in :)

doily man xo


dottie love

Some pretty flowers by the doorway to welcome the dearies in.

welcome dearies

happiness lives here xoxo
that's nena in the middle. She played nice with everyone. I think I got a little crazy with her :) I have never sewn fabric on fabric before. It was kind of odd not having paper to sew on :) I kept thinking i should've brought pictures and paper to make more art pages but had to stop myself as I was learning to "sew". And, you know, sewing machines are meant to sew fabric. not paper ;P

happiness lives here

we went outside once! the entire 3 days we only made 1 trip out into the world. That's how mad we were lol! I loved the pretty leaves turning colors. I just had to stop and take it in. ( I of course layered like crazy and put on my mittens for the trip. I think everyone else was chillin' in just shirts and skirts. I'm SUCH a wimp!

hello fall

banner love

we went out to take pictures of our banners. I haven't really finished mine and will share a close up shot later. I decided I wanted to add a little embroidery love to it and make a few more adjustments. So here are the pretty banners everyone else made.

our fearless leader

and here is our fearless leader, dottie angel herself { Tif }
she pretty much rocks :)

hanging the banners

here she is putting up the banners... my banner was quick friends with michelle's banner. they held hands for the photo op :)

sleeping beauty xo

i also finished dottiefying my slip. oh the drama. stupid slip. i cursed this thing like no other. the fabric is like a jersey fabric... very stretchy and soft. as i sewed down the lace strips the lace seemed to go all crooked. i just kept going. you know. whatevs. then by the 4th lace strip i realized how amazingly bad it looked. i gave up. i almost shed a tear. but never fear! tif was there!!!! she quickly cheered me up! we can fix this! yes dearie don't fret! i just looked at it and thought.... gosh i hope mister handsome doesn't notice how bad this looks. so not sexy at all :) and you know what was the answer to our problem? A HUGE doily of course ! lol!!! so Tif helped save my slip. She used the doily to cover the areas where the lace was just all wonky. and thanks to her it is actually quite lovely to look at and now wear.

doily love

floral detail

then after the 3 most wonderful crafty days were over... mr.handsome caught up with me in seattle. Of course we met up in a starbucks :) i love starbucks and mr.handsome. not in that particular order of course...

back alley kiss :)

our travels to vancouver

we even made our way up to canada for a day... so pretty.

a little bit of happiness

in seattle we went to the market and mr.handsome bought me the most beautiful bouquet of dahlias. he even took me thrifting and I had this little cutie by my nightstand at the hotel... adorable.


isn't he a stud muffin? i think so :)

this trip was really to celebrate us. We never really had a honeymoon and decided this trip would be it. it was wonderful. just us. we're so thankful even a year and a half later we are able to make this trip. Really enjoy each other and relax. get away. Catch up. and make some pretty awesome memories.

coco et olive

sitting. trying not to look awkward. you know. like i don't know he's taking a picture of me. and pretending no one is looking. good times :)

day dreaming

and here i am day dreaming. well, actually trying not to fall asleep on our way home from canada to seattle. enjoying the crazy good san diego like weather. the warmth of the sun. embracing all the happy memories running around in my mind.

so thankful indeed
i wish you a ray of sunshine,


Unknown said...

you are TOO precious! :)

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a lovely trip. I love the look of what you made : )

bethchien said...

awesome photos and stories! glad you had a great time!

Cara-Mia said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

What a most wonderful trip!

danielle said...

wow-what a beautiful trip!!! That slip is amazing!

Lisa said...

I can't believe I didn't see this little retreat happening in my own town...lovely photos

dottie angel said...

miss debee dearie, it was so lovely to spend several days holed up in a big old house beavering away together :)
you are a beautiful person, inside and out...

mandyface said...

Your pics are so lovely I can barely stand it!!

Irini said...

Your pics are fabulous...looks like you had an amazing creative time.......sooooooo...jealouuuuussss....;)

Marie Kristl Flid said...

Thank you for the post and for sharing your happy memories! It's really like a ray of sunshine for me :) I need sun! It was snowing today already.. brrr! I need more fall :) and a nice romantic trip too. have a nice week)

Love, Carrie said...

What a fantastical trip! I love visiting there, so it looks like heaven. And I can imagine how awesome it was to be around all that creativity for three whole days! We should meet for our coffee one day soon....I think it would be fun : )

<3 Carrie

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really enjoyed this post. It's looked like so much fun. I love Dottie's dress with her red tights and boots. I also love your slip.....it is very fem and pretty. You did a great job.

It's nice to get away once in a while. Good for you.

Melissa Mann said...

wow. this pretty much looks like the best thing ever. xoxo

Denise said...

good Lord that looks like a good time Debee! I always love your photos. so glad you guys had such a brilliant time!

Emily said...

Great photos! And so much dreamy cloth!
By the way the horses are Swedish and called 'Dalahästar'... but here I am assuming you don't already know that! :)
Great blog.

Emily said...

What a beautiful and fun trip that must have been! Lovin' the banners and that slip is awesomesauce. For realz. I'm not much for lace, but I think your stuff changes my mind:)

Glad you got to go on a late "honeymoon" with your honey- GREAT photographs, by the way!


So happy you enjoyed such a special trip. My husband and I have been married 33 years . . . and we still love our trips away.


wanda said...

Debee, You are very brave for trying to sew on a slip as a beginner! Slips are the hardest! Don't give up - sewing is super fun and you are SO TALENTED at your photography and paper arts - soon you'll be a whiz bang with Nena on fabric as well! Your work is so inspirational!