Thursday, November 11, 2010

all cabled up

cuddly soft

in my new mitts that is.


So earlier this week i headed out to buy more yarn and came across a magazine on the floor of the store aisle. The magazine was rather beaten and looked so sad... I picked it up to put it back and looky there... a crochet today magazine! ( i'm always putting stuff away at stores i often get asked if i work there... lol)

cabled mitts

I randomly flipped through and immediately loved the pattern for the cabled mitts. totally something I would buy at forever 21. :) AND I'm always reaching for mr.handsome's hand to keep my hands warm. I found a way to keep them warm and toasty even when he isn't around :) jk mr.handsome! you are my favorite warmer upper. * wink*wink*

I kept reading through the pattern and it seemed easy enough. I put the mag away and went along with my day. I didn't really want to buy a magazine that was all stepped on and icky. SO after a long story :) ... i found it again at my local borders... all shiny and new. I worked up the pattern just yesterday evening and finished the last mitt early today. I would say it took me less than 2 hours collectively. And with one ball of yarn for the pair I totally am digging these cute mitts :)

mine :)

I used Vanna's choice purple yarn ( worsted weight 4 ). I love that the yarn was also on sale at michaels this week! yay! i came home fluffier than i left but in a good way hahaa!

Now i don't subscribe to any magazines anymore and I hardly ever buy one for anything but i am actually hoping to score a subscription once mr.handsome reads this and gets the "subliminal" message that this would be a wonderful addition to my arsenal of literature :) The mag costs $6.99 on the newsstands and I only purchased it because i loved a few other projects also featured in the magazine. I promised myself to also finish those projects soon in order to make it worth the cost. And honestly I LOVE these cute mitts more than yesterday so I am so very glad that I did buy the pattern for them. I really think it was worth it :)

i think i will make a pair in every color ( i noticed some yarn with silver and gold threaded through it i about lost it ! gorgeous) ... because i do believe in accessorizing and feeling cute & toasty.


complete and utter love


ps: I have a fun crochet giveaway tomorrow :)


Unknown said...

Those are super cute! I've been wanting to crochet myself some handwarmers, too. Glad to know the process is pretty quick. :)

Amy said...

oh debee! so cozy and warm! just what i need here in MN! haha! but you can bet i have a basket full of hats, scarves & mitts lined up and ready to go for our frigid temps! love these & all the projects you have been showing us! i just wanted to let you know that yesterday i finished my inspire lovely art class album!! whoo hoo! just had to share, because i knew as my instructor, you would be so proud!! {wink!}

amy g. :)

curlyqmosaics said...

Absolutely adorable, and LOVE the color! I hope to see many of your amazing knits in the etsy store soon! : )

craftynycgirl said...

These look great! I wish I could crochet to make them!

Bekka said...

Totally cute! I started a pair last year on a round knitting loom...I may have to pick that back up and finish the other one. :)

Marie Kristl Flid said...

aye! debee! one more lovely crochet project! you inspire me so much to take my hook and crochet - just have no time :(

looking forward for your giveaway, yum :)

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

This crochet week of yours has been awesome!! Can you tell me what yarn you used for your Tiff inspired blanket?
Thank you!
Jen Kolakowski

Keshet said...

Gorgeous photos!

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, lovely!! :) I'm trying to amke those lovely mitts myself right now, too! I love Crochet Today, but I grabbed it right up extra fast when I saw these - so lovely. :) My first attempt (made with a larger hook for gauge), somehow ended up as big as a football players hands, though - lol. I have to try again. :)