Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i'm not even gonna lie

this is what i do when i'm supposed to be doing something really important.
you can find me in the studio.

"working". it's very important to note i'm working here. really hard. or hardly working. whatevs :)

* high on a tall soy white mocha w/whip ( why do they even ask if you want whip? heck to the yes man. put it on there. i love the sweetness :)

* just checking if the photo booth app still works on my mac. good. it still works. *whew. i love technology.

* completely gaga over a little bit of paper scrap i almost threw away. but thankfully, i didn't. i repurposed it as my photo prop. genius. tell me if that paper scrap doesn't look happy. look. it's smiling :)
how the heck do i ever get anything done i hear you ask...

truth is. i don't. not everything. because it's these little things that matter man. it's what keeps me sane. working from home. locked up in my studio. begging for someone to distract me.

- i also call mister handsome randomly at work to see what he's doing. i ask what he's up to. he says working. i say working? really? wow. that's cool. bye. :)
- i watch a bit of divorce court. just to remind me what i shouldn't be doing in my marriage. totally entertaining. where do they get those people?
- i make stuff to send stuff out then make more stuff to send more stuff out. it's a mess. i love it.
- i also go thrifting to score some random vintage love. i found a few new places over the weekend and i scored big time. whenever i tell someone i thrift they give me a dirty face. like eww. i'm totally offended. how dare you not appreciate my thriftiness?

then it's about 5 o'clock and i wonder where all my time went. i guess i'll never know :)

I did manage to finish the following pages in my december daily xoxo. ( i will come back and add all the item details here later. i've got a hot movie and dinner date with mr.handsome so i gotta make this quick)

day 3 - goof off

day 4- rock out

day 5- spread happy cheer

day 6- finally. a clean studio

day 7- crochet garland love.

day 8- making stuff

I'm pretty happy with the little mini so far ... not too busy and not too plain.
i even had my sister come over and we had some fun with nena in the studio. okay. back to work :)
happy almost christmas!


Renay said...

ahhhh....your post really made me smile today! It reminds me that I should stop *working* and actually work! :) I love craftiness!

Emily said...

Seriously- who doesnt' love thrifting? They betta' respect the thrift factor!

I love that you have so much fun in your studio- that's how it should be:) Awesome pages, too, by the way. Happy Holidays!!!

Cara-Mia said...

Wow I love all your pages! They look amazing! Also loving your studio.:)

E Makes Art said...

you are so darn cute! thanks for making me giggle! I love the pages that you've done...simply perfect! happy holidays to you!


oh, and I can't wait to see what you your new shop will be like!!

Christina said...

Tee hee. I can relate to distractions. You're so funny:)

I would NEVER scoff at thrifting! I call it junk-storing:) There's a Goodwill outlet in downtown Seattle where you buy stuff BY THE POUND!! Isn't that marvelous? And books are like 19 cents. Sure, you don't want to go in on a weekend, and sure, sometimes the people are gonna smelly a bit funny. And, OK, you have to be careful when poking through the bins because eventually, you ARE going to touch something wet and squishy ... but it's all SO worth it!! Just bring gloves and hand sanitizer and prepare to score massively large bags of junk for like 10 bucks.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! So happy to have found your blog. Happy Holidays!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

oh you make me laugh!
Just wanted to say this is one of the cutest, most lovely December Daily's I've seen. I adore every page. Please make sure you share them all!
Also, I was so happy to get my package from you yesterday. I totally wasn't expecting it before Christmas. God bless the postal service! (Although, actually they had damaged the package, or destroyed it would be a better description. Thank goodness you had wrapped it well inside so only the smallest mark was actually made on my calendar.)
All my goodies were beautiful, and thankyou for all the little extras. So generous. I love getting your happy mail :-)
Have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Jill said...

Every page is a treasure. Thanks for sharing these!

Keshet said...

So much inspiration as always!

Vintage Love & Photographs said...

Your studio is lovely.

Bekka said...

I love these pages! Merry Christmas!