Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ever since i found my cute vintage metal r i knew we would be friends forever. i don't think little r knew that though :) either way, i had biiiig plans for this little guy. after adding a fresh coat of red paint i had wanted to create this easy project for christmas ( i made a trip to a thrift store last week and spent $2.50 on three boxes of mismatched decorations ) ... even though it was smack dab in the middle of summer... i dared to dream. a dream of red and white and silver and gold all the cute christmas decor stuffed inside my little r. when i told little r my big dream he totally made a face, (just like the M&M in the commercial who doesn't want the pretzel inside the M&M). but i didn't care :) too bad buddy. i snatched up little r early this morning from the wall of frames. and as he slept i spiffed him up a little bit.. christmas style.

he totally rocks the look i think.

little r + magic= awesomeness
here he is still sleeping :)

little r ate the decor
thrifted christmas decor... sweet! I simply used some scotch tape and temporary glue dots to adhere the decor together and to little r. he was such a little trooper. *smiles*

little r
red. is . rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrad.
since we don't do christmas trees i am finding new ways to add some happy christmas decor to our home anyway. kind of fun :)

oh dear little r... trust me next time k?
you look fabulous! (i think he thought i was gonna come after him with my bedazzler. hmm.. good idea actually ;)

I've got some paper love to share tomorrow and hopefully i get to finish cleaning up the studio tonight. ( spring cleaning yet again, total madness but it totally will be worth it - i have to keep telling myself that :)

so happy december!
yay! no stress. just keep swimming. :P



phinner said...

I can see you in every orb! awesome idea!!! now I want a big ole P so I can copy you!!! LOL!!!

Unknown said...

Love it D!

bethchien said...

little r, you DEF look rrraaad!!

Life is Love Cherish Life said...

Very Very Very Cute!

jen geigley said...

oh WOW ... I just love this so much. brilliant!!!

Nelly said...

Love it! Crazy cool idea!

Renay said...

This caught my eye because it is an R....then kept my attention because it is such a rad idea for holiday decorating. Thanks for sharing it!

Vany said...

great idea!

Marie Kristl Flid said...

Love the idea!! I definitely am in love with letters recently :)

And I'm making self-made decoration for our home too - already have a red-white crocheted garland (yessss, from Dottie Anglel's blog)

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

so cool! I would love to see the crochet garland also!!!
Jen KI.

Bekka said...

lol at the bedazzler!

This looks fantastic! You're a genius!

Melissa Mann said...

Brilliant! Love that "R"!