Saturday, December 25, 2010

the merriest

merry christmas xo
wishes and love to you from us :)

Inside you would find peanut butter & mint oreo cookies covered in chocolate .extreme love. a sign we must really really love you. *wink*

mister handsome would never share his chocolate love with anyone unless he really loved them. and even then i wonder. i've come home to find all but one chocolate covered oreo left. now he thinks he's quite the gentleman for leaving *one* cookie. i think he's just doing that so he won't look so bad for eating ALL the cookies. no chocolate is safe man. so eat quick :)

in the spirit of sharing ... here are the next set of pages from my december daily. :)

day 9 - start december daily :)
{ day 9 details }
Red ribbon ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Glittery Snowflake (Michaels), Blue Button ( found), White & red stripe ribbon ( Heidi Swapp), Woodgrain Transparency ( Hambly), Red Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ) Glittery Number Stickers ( Making Memories), Green merry tag ( Making Memories), Large white journaling Tag ( Belladrummer etsy shop), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

The day i started my december daily. hehee.. ahh. late. as always but definitely got my mojo going. i loved putting all the little things i was going to use in a vintage tin cupcake pan. It was so lovely sorting through everything and seeing it all look so pretty. almost as good as playing with cupcakes :)

day 10- making lovely garlands

{ day 10 details }
Yellow Envelope w/red Snowflake stamp ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Glittery Number Stickers ( Making Memories), Fabric & Paper Leaves ( found), Red mini sequin snowflake ( found at holiday party :), Mini floral gem ( Heidi Swapp), Mini Red stripe Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Vintage music butterfly ( Marvy Punch ), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

Making paper garlands with a little crochet love is really fun. nena loves it too. xo 

day 11- messiah concert

{ day 11 details }
Green foil & Damask Paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Glittery Number Stickers ( Making Memories), Green & White Polka Dot frame ( Making Memories), Red velvet flower ( Maya Road ), Flower Paper punch ( Michaels ), Vintage music sheet circle punches ( thrift find ), Green Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

our first double date with my sister and her boyfriend. they gave us tickets to see the messiah concert. interesting. hahaa. we had a good time...golden spoon frozen yogurt afterward+ friends = a fun christmas date night.

day 12- church love ***

{ day 12 details}
Red felt Damask Paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Peace & Love Brad( Making Memories), Red Chipboard Polka Dot tag ( Making Memories), green paper leaf ( Making Memories ), Ribbon punch ( Martha Stewart punch ), Mini red Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), White mini Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Red Polka dot fabric piece ( thrift find), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

we started going to a different church this year. the best change ever. i feel safe again. i love that it's so big. i know mega churches aren't for everyone, but i love the anonymity. growing up as a pastor/missionary kid you can't get away from the spotlight. i love being here. i love that nobody really knows me or expects me to be anything else but me. and i love that mister handsome and i are growing in our faith together. :)

day 13- friends

{ day 13 details }
Pink & Green glittery stripe paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), friends chipboard tag ( Making Memories), silver foil star sticker ( Jo-lee's), Mini white star ( Michael's ), Note paper washi tape ( Pink Paislee ), Pink Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Tiny Alphabet stickers ( Making Memories ), Love definition paper ( found), CLear Star ( Michael's), Starburst ledger paper punch ( Martha Stewart), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ), Floral sequin gems ( found), Paper doily punch ( Spellbinders punch). 

clearly we're not just "friends" :P but you know, the more i think about it i just can't help but want to keep thinking we're bFF's. i think that keeps us more aware of making everyday work. staying in love. giving. loving. putting each other first. and most of all, dating. i want to grow old with mister. i love celebrating that. everyday xo

day 14- i xo crunchy leaves

{ day 14 details }
Green cardstock ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Gold sparkle die cut paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit), Leaf Paper punch ( Marvy), Green stripe sticker ( Making Memories), Vintage ticket ( found ), Green leaf ( found ), White ribbon lace ( thrift find ), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

crunchy leaves. i heart them. living in san diego all of my life makes me crazy for crunchy leaves. i once visited chicago in the fall and i instantly fell for the pretty trees and crunchy leaves everywhere. i go out of my way just to crunch a leaf. it's so satisfying. :)

day 15- *welcome* baby gavin

{ day 15 details }
Red ledger paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Red felt die cut ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit),  Vintage inspired White carnival ticket ( Belladrummer Etsy), vintage map paper( found ), white  button ( found )White Journaling Tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Tiny Alphabet stickers ( Making Memories ), Mini tree pin Making Memories ), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

the best day in december! our family welcomed our second little nephew... little baby gavin. here he is with his older brother,baby G. I LOVE that they both look like my sister. it's like she's growing up again before our eyes... scary and cool all at once. lol!  even though we could not be there ( in hawaii) to give him some love i made him this little page to share with them. I am a happy aunt :)

day 16- silly fortune :)

{ day 16 details }
White textured paper ( Merry & Sweet Mini Kit ), Chinese place mat paper ( found),  Silver gem ( MAMBI), Red starburst gem ( found ), Mini grey tag ( Belladrummer Etsy ), Butterfly paper punch ( Martha Stewart), Tiny butterfly punch ( Marvy ), Fortune found ), Silver crochet star ( handmade by me :), Gold sewing thread ( Jo-anns ).

so who writes those silly fortunes anyway? i always get a kick out of them. we had some chinese food at our favorite place and i took a apart the paper place mat ( thrifty yes?) and now it's happy sewn onto this page. I also added an extra crochet star I made. i love silvery shimmery crochet stars. xoxo

i know we're a little late in saying this but, 
we wish you the happiest christmas blessings & a heart full of joy & peace

-mr.handsome & d


dorqu said...

Beautiful! I want them! :P


I am an MK and PK, too. Glad you found a church where you are growing and feel safe.

Enjoyed your artistic Christmas memories.


Denise said...

Merry Christmas Debee. really enjoy your dec. daily. pretty pretty!

Jody said...

Merry, merry day-after Christmas. I'm still spreading Christmas cheer and just had to stop by here and tell you I think you're wonderful. This time of year especially. Your mini and thoughts and love for 'whip' on soy mochas make me happy. Wishing you and Mr. Handsome all the love and peace and Joy in the coming New Year too. xoxo
P.S. As I scrolled down to leave my comment the word verification says, 'hippo'. Maybe you should crochet a tiny hippo next. =)

Kathy Martin said...

Awesome and artsy December Daily!

Bekka said...

Your pages are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing them. I hope your Christmas was grand!

Diane B. said...

what a beautiful dec. daily! that hand-crocheted star is seriously to d.i.e for! happy holidays!

Valerie said...

You are so inspiring! I just love, love, love your layouts!
:) Valerie

Jennifer Evans said...

loved the use of the place mat... I have been keeping my eyes open for little things like that to reduce and reuse... but it totally rocks the page?! Doesn't it?

Anne said...