Monday, December 13, 2010

the merry rush XoXo

shimmer happiness :)

my friend RoRo once called me an entrepreneur and i laughed.
i guess the joke was on me. because ladies, i am my own official boss. I'm delighted to let you know the meeting with my tax lady was promising. Papers were filed. New company name decided upon. New shop ID + domain name + tax collecting and I'm a brand new shop owner. :) i'm totally excited!

My new ETSY name is Inspire Lovely.
yay! I was so happy creating this account today. I am also announcing a sale in order to help clear out all the items in my old shop Belladrummer. My dear loves, i think you might be able to help a sister out if I give you 20% off all items in the shop. I can probably help you cross a few lovelies off your list. Hence my sale name: Merry rush :) The sale goes on until Monday December 20th and then i officially close the shop down forever. the end.  And as I was looking at the number of sales and its pretty close to 500. My 500th customer is gonna get something pretty cool. I'm still pondering it as i have a few days until the sale ends. Maybe a certificate to my Inspire Lovely shop? Maybe some handmade love? oohhh exciting right? :P

I just added these pretty garlands to the shop. They've been my loving friends here in the studio and now wish to bring a little cheer your way too :)

starry bright xo

handmade crochet doily

handmade crochet stars xoxo
I crocheted those cute stars and doily motif. I LOVE :)

shimmer *XoXo*

shimmer xo

gold thread + paper xo

The sale starts at 1PM today and goes on until December 20th at 12 noon. All items are automatically on sale so you don't need a special coupon code. I've got a few goodies to add as extras for each order and I'm a pretty happy elf today. 

thanks for letting me share a little bit of my excitement!
and thank you so very kindly to all of you for your support :)


Rachel Chieppa said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to your new shop!

Valerie said...

Congats! So excited for you! :) Can't wait to see what you'll be offering in the new shop!

Christen E. Krumm said...

yay!! i was needing some more baker's twine so i hoped over and ordered some. love!


Sasha hOlloway said...

love it .. and cannot wait for the new shop girl miss you sweet friend .. cannot wait for another hug from my Virgo

Diane B. said...

the garland is beautiful! if you made a smaller version i SWEAR i would wear it as a paper-layered necklace! i SWEAR! :-P

jamie said...

i am so proud of you.
secretly wondered to myself why you would NOT go into full business with yourself.
an amazing talent you are.
so excited to see the new shop.
i am so proud of you!

kim said...

Hi, just wanted to say you truly inspire me to try new things in my own artwork, to look at things in a new way, to get a DSLR! Woo hoo! Congrats on the new shop!

Bekka said...

This is such exciting news! Congratulations!

Jessie Fincham said...

woowwweeee! exciting stuff, best of luck - I will be keeping a look out for the new shop :) The garlands are just lovely too, your little crochet stars are the perfect added touch!

Jennifer Evans said...

Just saw this today! I am so happy for your and can't wait for your new shop. I am hoping there will be some digi pdf goodness in your new shop... ;) hint, hint, hint. It looks like you sold out of most of your items before I got over there today. But, I still got a few tags since they are a favorite of mine. xoxo Hugs!

Jenny said...

I found your blog awhile ago and am now a faithful reader...just wanted to stop by and say hi! Very cute paper garlands... some of my favortie colours.
I just love the photos you posted of your studio as've inspired me! :)

Carrie Lee said...

Hi Debee!!!!! That is such great way to start off the new year!!!! Hooray for you!!!
Your old friend..
Carrie Lee

Very Shannon said...

Congrats! Wishing you tons of success! Love your stuff - fabulous!