Friday, December 3, 2010

this is me

day three of cleaning. and it's. not. finished.
i'm a bit of a drama queen at this point. i mean look at me! i'm famished. i'm just done. cleaning is overrated. i'm totally ready to pack my bags and take a vacation from the crap in my studio. ( progress shows in the closet :)

in my despair yesterday i took a mini break and flailed my hands up in the air and said to myself. "MYSELF! Just put a big A** sign up in the door that says HOLY CRAP! and be done with it."

the end. it was not pretty. 

i kid you not. i totally talk to myself. i mean really, who else do i have to yell at right?


well mona spoke up and was like dude, chill yo.
you need starbucks :)
and then we posed for a few pictures just to procrastinate even further.
i totally love that unlike mr.handsome, she is always down for a mini photo shoot. look how cute she is?!  that mona, she's a cutie pie.

so anyway, back to the story... there is a happy ending :)
i'm totally like yes let's go mona! sweet mona, you always know the right things to say :)

stories are gifts

i now have a new favorite starbucks drink, creme brulee frap. hello!!! awesome :)
life is so much better with a sugar rush. frosted with a dash of whipped cream and sugar sprinkles on top.
(never mind the crap in the background of the photo.)  i've got my priorities straight :P

happiness. it's in liquid form. and now i am yet again ready to tackle the rest of the mess.

kissing mister
and here is mr handsome. i had to bribe him with dinner at the burger lounge yesterday. he was the best part of my day. :) 

I now have a new favorite day. 

i need to take photos of my paper love and share them.
i'm such a procrastinator
i get it from mr.handsome.

happy friday!

retro red packaging

Cute Doily package kit


Christina said...

Look at how adorable you all are:) The photo of you and your hubs looks straight out of a magazine! Just sweet. sigh

i.ikeda said...

Well hello to you! You look beautiful and happy. And that "mess" looks pretty clean to me.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Ok, Dearie, you totally made me smile with this post (probably because I've SO been there!). Love these photos -- toooo cute (and funny). Laverne (my camera) is always way more into photo sessions than my hottie hubs so I'm right there with ya and for the record, I totally had to reward myself with Starbucks (nonfat pepp mocha) today too! Heeee.

P.S. The studio clean-up progress is completely evident in the closet. It looks awesome! :)

Emily said...

Wow- just in those pics, you are WAY more organized than me. Seriously. You take such great photographs! Did you take any classes or anything? I really want to graduate from my little point and shoot, but am waiting for a small windfall of moolah:) And... I love me some starbucks, too, for a little motivation.

Maureen said...

I live by the motto that everything is better with a frappuccino. Pedicures, shopping, just walking around, it just improves the moment. I wish I had a little crafty area like yours. I know though from spend more time organizing and putting the stuff away than using it. And most importantly, where did you get that sweater? I love it.

Martina Gallo said...

Love these photos =)
Fantastic blog!
I hope you pass to mine and follow me.
Thanks =)

E Makes Art said...

Your studio looks amazing! And I need to ask 2 things...

1. Where did you find the white 6 drawer cabinet? (right side in1st photo) I NEED one like that desperately! and..

2. Where did you get that fantastic orange sweater? I LOVE it!

I also want to say that the last photo of you and your hubby is absolutely incredible!! That is one that will end up a keepsake to pass down to your kids and grandkids, etc. Truly breathtaking and magical!!


Denise said...

gorgeous last photo of you and Mr H.

Bekka said...

Ha! This is my kind of cleaning! :)

Melissa Mann said...

Gorgeous photos! Love that one of you and the mister :-)

MandaMog said...

1. LOVE the pic of you and the Mr. It deserves a frame!!!

2. I just sat down at my desk and had a drink of my caramel brulee latte. AMAZING! I'm convinced that these will be available in heaven.