Thursday, March 31, 2011

everyone, meet my friend puppy

a few months ago a little missy cat had a wee litter of kitties and they took over our residential area. Everywhere you go you will find a cat. A cat here a cat there... cats everywhere. I always wondered who owned them or who even took care of them. ( PS: it's my neighbors little cat... she just lets him play around outside :) Every time i see a cat i meow at it.  you know, it's nice to say hi sometimes. :)  And every now and then i would have a meowing contest with a cat. cute.

then one day i met this little one. i can't say if its a girl or a boy so i call it puppy. mr.handsome thinks i'm giving it a complex by calling it a puppy but cats are already complex critters so it's cool. :)

Puppy and I are pals. This is how he greets me whenever i see him. He rolls over on his back waiting to play. adorable right? what a sweet little thing!

we sit and play with twigs. he's such a little pup and full of energy. i love watching him chase & play with everything.

He reminds me so much of my first cat friend i ever had, Sasha. My best friend in high school and i won him at a .25 cent game during a school fair. I convinced my sister ( who is allergic to cats :) to forge my parents signature of approval in order to take him home. Snuck him in my backpack past my mom ( who dislikes all animals ) and introduced him to my dad ( who LOVES animals ) when he got home from work so that he could fall in love with him and allow me to keep him. :)

He quickly became Sasha Hailey Campos ( we gave him a girl name thinking he was a girl at first and then he wasn't hahaaa! go figure! ) oh that little guy was adorable... at the time i also had 2 cocker spaniels and he loved to ride on one of them and eat his dog food. He even learned all the commands: sit, stay, come.... he was perfect.

i've always wanted a cat & a dog. but mr.handsome likes only dogs. :(

I love my little friend puppy. He is so loyal. He follows us home. He loves hanging out on our porch waiting for me to come out and play with him. And all this without giving him treats or food. We just hang out and kick it together. true buddies  :)

look at that sweet face!
what's not to love?

I also love how photogenic he is. ;)

puppy love xoxoxo

now onto some thrifty news ( so that you don't completely think of me as some weird cat lady :)
earlier this week i woke up and felt REALLY super awesome. i had this feeling like something good was going to happen. of course. it had to be thrifty related :)

I usually go to only my fav thrift stores but decided to go to one i never really find anything amazing at. Weird right? Yeah, i walk in and find the following 2 pieces.

I had been searching IKEA for a piece of furniture like this but never found one within our price range & sturdy enough. These are 2 separate pieces and we plan on putting the piece with the cubbies on top of the drawer unit.

i quickly snapped these photos and sent them to mr.handsome and got a definite approval.
on top of that i ask about a discount... and sure enough discount + no sales tax. love! 

*happy face*

this is my new project. which means my studio room needs to be revamped.
we've begun sanding both pieces down and I have some color ideas for both pieces but i'm to chicken to actually paint them a bold color.  I'm thinking a bright vintage green?! yikes! the very thought kind of scares me. Paint it white or go with a bold color? what to do what to do?

what do you think?

girlfriend needs some help :)


Lissa said...

Go bold! Do the bright vintage green!!!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

thanks Lissa i love that daring vote :)
I got some paint swatches today yikes! how exciting :)xo

wanda said...

It's worth it to buy some sample paint - some paint stores (Vista, Sherwin Williams?) will let you buy little pots of paint rather than quarts - and then you can try it out and if you don't like it, you can ALWAYS paint it back white or a lighter color. I have so much paint b/c I always do that, but then I end up using the paint for other things, so it's all good!
PS Puppy looks like a stray I've been feeding for 7 years named Scraps! So cute!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi Wanda ! Thanks for the tip about the mini test paint cans :) I'm going back soon to the paint store to try some out. A paint brush will soon be my best friend :) next to puppy of course ;) ps: please say hi to sweet Scraps for me! I wish I could give him a sweet kiss xoxo

Michelle Clement said...

Bold, bold!! :) Good finds, lucky girl! Also - I totally love puppy. :) I had a cat when I was little and he was very much like a dog - he he - so you totally made me giggle. :)

snazzykc said...

Be brave-go with the green...

Merissa Revestir said...

My sister named her dog "Kitty", so when I saw that you named your cat "Puppy" I thought it was a cute coincidence and it made me chuckle (^•^)
I like the part where you meow when you see a cat, and sometimes you have a meow-ing contest! Haaahaaa! (^•^) I can totally picture you meow-ing (^•^)

Lisa said...

What a great score...not I am a chippy paing kind of gal...but I would do base coat of the bright green and then rub some candle wax on the normal wear areas then do white over the green and sand where you had the way and can expose as much or little of the green. My daughters room is lime green with white trim and then we painted some carribean blue shelves and that is cool too if you like it bright. Let me tell you painting cubbies is hard if you can spray paint into the cubbies you might save your self some time.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you call the kitten puppy!! Such great photography too x

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

aww michelle it sounds like you also have a special place in your heart for your furry fella! I'm so touched you shared- you're pretty awesome!!! :)

Hi snazzykc! Happy friday and wooo hooo! sounds like I'm gathering up more brave points to go bold... i can't wait to finish sanding everything and sharing all the details xoxo thank so much for your help :) i really appreciate you xo

Merissa I'm so embarrassed that i actually meow AND i'm sure my neighbors are " that girl is CRAZY." hahaaa! ahhh, that's just me though. :) xo

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

hi Lisa :)

ooooh i LOVE your idea! how awesome! I totally love the worn out grunge look and am kind of wanting to do that rather than paint it one solid color - you are a genius!!! i'm gonna try that for sure :)

the cubbies look like a bit of a challenge but i just realized that the partitions actually slide out of each one so you can make a cubby bigger. fingers crossed that it makes it all easier :) xoxo thank you for your awesome idea! xoxo

nikkijoy happy friday and april :)
i think my neighbor named the cat something cute like kitty but puppy doesn't have a collar so i'm just going to keep calling the cat puppy. totally responsive to it too :)
i was also surprised that the photos came out so well being that i used my camera phone to take the pics and those are generally hit or miss. I never want to miss out on puppy time so i used what i had and now i have adorable little photos of puppy :) so happy xo

Jenny said...

Go bold!! It will be such a great focal point in your studio!!!!

E Makes Art said...

BOLD!!!! I have beautiful bright vintage green as my studio walls and we just painted a fantastic cabinet we found in a Caribbean turquoise to put in there too!! Best decision ever!!

Those 2 pieces are fantastic... I LOVE that you followed your instinct and went to the "other" store!


Ha! the word verification is "waticals" I guess I am a bit "watical" when it comes to color sometimes, LOL!!

jamie said...

hi debee...i had not checked in for awhile and there you are...with several posts...i must catch up...
anyhow, as i saw those WOW pieces, i was thinking a vintagey-thing would be lovely. lisa had wonderful suggestions. so eager to see what you come up with!!!!

Jennifer Evans said...

So lovely... What great finds! I have had to paint all my bookcases and I have painted them white. There has to be a compromise since my husband is not an artist. ;) But, I am so excited to see the bright green if you choose to do that. You always rock the color, so I expect to see something bright and beautiful. Even if it is the goodies inside the cubbies. Paint slowly since CTS starts up with painting. Or use your CTS as an excuse for Mr. Handsome to paint for you... ;)

Melonie said...

I have to give my vote to bold too:)

JgWM said...

Couple of questions!

Do you want the furniture to stand out if you do go with a bold color on a contrasting wall. But you know that. I'm a green girl my self it goes with every thing.

Right now it has gone to khaki, white,brown, black and lime. I can add any floral color accent I want. red, magenta, tangerine,pink.

Go Green!

If your want the objects in the furniture to stand out you will need a color to compliment the objects.

I am anxious to see what you do with it.