Friday, March 25, 2011

spring is peeking through

fly away

no more debee blue :)

i have had visions of beautiful butterflies fluttering around my mind for months now. probably since christmas. i think since then i have been willing and wishing spring to come :)

So sorry for having been gone for so long from here. I've missed sharing and now have a bit of loveliness to share with you xo

pretty cups sitting in a row

as evidence shows i have thrifted some wonderful tea cups :) when i find a pretty cup sitting amongst the shelves of a thrift store i immediately have to tell myself to not do a jiggy dance out of sheer excitement. it's so thrilling and yet i have to just pretend ..."oh this ol thing... eh, sure. i'll take it :)

gold sequin trim

what i also love is that i will be paying at the check stand and some beautiful soul will make a comment about the beauty of my wee tea cup and i will always feel a sweet connection. a bond if you will to all things sweet & pretty. vintage love baby, it's pretty awesome.

butterflies flutter

i then make my cups feel right at home and they inspire me as they sit around my studio filled with cheez-its.. why yes, i eat crackers with style . it almost makes everything taste better :)
then today i said to myself, Myself. enough is enough. it's time to share the pretty cups with the world!
a bit of a photoshoot ensued. each little cup i hold like i'm giving it a hug. i'm always afraid to break them. nothing lasts around here... i am prone to breaking things constantly. thankfully they seem to know never to be in my hands for too long. just sit and smile little cups :)

flutter & give

i made pretty spring butterfly embellishments to welcome spring ( now available in the shop ) . oh the picnics to be had! the sun bathing on the beach. the bike rides and soft petally flowers... sounds so promising :)

transparency butterflies

i would really like to wish you a happy friday and even more.... a beautiful spring!

and some happy thrifting :)



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Oh how I love antique teacups. I asked my mom if I could have hers (she's got some from great great grandmothers) but she evaded me and I noticed that my sister has them. :(
*jealous sad simmering rage*

I never thought of going to thrift stores or antique stores to get them - I love the delicateness and the patterns and I guess I always felt that owning my families teacups would mean more ... but now I'm thinking not. Hmmm. Spring/Summer project! :)

And the butterflies. Lovely!!

Also, I was going to shoot you an email but since I'm here ... I got my lovely red heart ribbon today! Thank you! It is so pretty! Thank you thank you and thank you again!

Have a very lovely day.

Unknown said...

I love coming here & looking at your beautious photos! Have a lovely weekend friend!

weissbunt said...

I so know what you mean with the butterflies ;-). I had to make something with butterflies, too. But yours are simply wonderful. I'm not really a cup collector, but I love beautiful dishes and I already have put a claim to my moms exquisite colorful china, if she ever wants to get rid of it ;-). Have a great springy weekend :-) - I always enjoy your beautiful pics and ideas!

Martina said...

So, so pretty! Love these butterflies playing around your beautiful cups, and your pix are just perfect! Have a happy weekend!

Lisa said...

Lovely photos. I have a collection of old tea cups I purchased for my girls to have tea parties.

Denise said...

OMG. those tea cups are crazy gorgeous!!!! I once gave my sister the best christmas present ever, she still talks about it. we love thrifting and I found six different patterns of the most gorgeous tea cups/saucers and gave them to her. I thought they were the prettiest things in the world and it was so hard to give away. to me that always means its a good present, when I want it myself. your butterflies are beautiful. I have been dreaming about them to and soo ready for spring. off to check out the shop!

Jennifer Evans said...

Totally have been missing you. You brighten up my dark raining days here in Oregon. These are the hardest days. The ones where we are almost to spring that we can taste it... and yet the rain won't stop to give the sun a chance. Really, thank you for this piece of heaven... xoxo

Rachel Chieppa said...

What lovely teacups! It does make even the simplest food taste better when eaten out of a pretty dish!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

These are so pretty! I wish I had teacups like that. The addition of butterflies reminds me of a recent post of mine. : )

Michelle Clement said...

ooooh - your teacups are adorable, Debee!! And your butterflies, too. :) Definitely feels like spring, in your lovely photos!

jamie said...

missed you.
the butterflies are gorgeous!

Jeanee said...

Your photography is gorgeous!

Love the butterflies and tea cups.

I featured it on my blog.

Lulu Grey said...

Just found your blog and it is so lovely! Those teacups are amazing and I can see why you love them.