Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hello october :)

daddy & mommy

oh october. i'm loving you so much. except i don't really fit into any of my cardigans or sweaters. and i have a big love for all things warm & fuzzy. especially my cardigans and sweaters. but being here in san diego you really don't need those yet :)  we had such an awesome weekend this past week it was full of warm sun + no schedule + food = happiness :)  i had asked mr.handsome to please help me update my photo journal of baby r & my belly bump and so we did. :)

debee + little r love @ 30 weeks

For my birthday i picked out this cute blue + coral outfit from a local boutique "1+2+3". It was pretty much the only thing in the store that fit hahaa. But the little shop is packed with beautiful pieces almost like anthro. but for half the price xo love it xoxo.

i love the blue. i've never been one to wear bright colors. but since i figured i'm having a little boy i might as well embrace the blue :)

debee & r

so 30 weeks have flown by and i'm getting nervous. i am both very excited about having little r nestled in my arms soon & anxious about the upcoming birth process. for now i'm taking it easy. mr.handsome and i are attending classes for infant CPR etc and touring the hospital facilities soon. Plus lamaze classes. it's quite thrilling :)  and yet sometimes i forget i'm pregnant. it must be the pregnancy brain or something.  one thing is for sure, i'm making a list of things i want to do in the next 10 weeks before little r gets here. places i want to visit. a new recipe to bake. just explore a bit. maybe one last quick road trip just me and my mister :)  who knows? we'll see where the wind will take us xo

R framed 2011

i spent last week cleaning and purging the house and finally updated the frame wall. one frame but it sure makes a statement. we bought the frame at IKEA earlier this year. and i of course now have to promise to use everything i buy :) so thank you mr.handsome for the frame and true to my word... ta-dah! a frame on the wall :)  ( i am notorious for buying frames and not hanging a single one. i have a hard time committing to a hole in the wall- heheee :)

this time i felt a bit whimsical and added a cute mix of orange in honor of october & the new season. I framed a favorite art page i made last year, added a cute succulent plant in an orange stripe pot from trader joe's + his new pal the giraffe under a thrifted bell jar, a mini pumpkin from our local market & some orange spine books from the thrift store.

My new favorite thing is the vintage globe. it lights up!!! yes, yes it's true. i love that thing to pieces. it reminds me of the one that is used in "While you were sleeping". At the beginning where Lucy & her dad plan their adventures around the world and in her room there is a shot of a pretty vintage light up globe.  xoxo favorite movie xoxo :)

and a quick shot of my work table. progress! yes, i am excited about using this paper kit in the shop to journal my transformation into motherhood.  I hope to finish the pages soon and share the mini with you. its been SO long since i've created anything and getting back to paper is proving to be therapy. i wonder if that happens to you too? i kind of had to lay low for a while just because it got to be too much. then somehow the timing is right and it comes back like an old friend :)  either way. i'm happy to be playing again. i'm keeping my fingers crossed i finish it before baby r comes *

oh & ps: Inspire Lovely is giving away a little mini spool of 10 yards of black & white bakers twine :) starting today, October 12 - 26, on all orders over $10.00. i LOVE free xoxo  happy october friends!

sweet & cozy days to you


Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

I just love globes, my husband loves them even more, I'll have to add this to my "find at a thrift shop" list


Jill said...

I always arrive at your blog feeling curious, and always leave feeling happy. :)

Denise said...

oh the globe! you are the prettiest pregnant woman I have ever seen I think. Enjoy your nesting weeks ahead Debee. Glad you are playing with paper again so I can enjoy the eye candy when you share. have a wonderful day.

Jenny said...

LOVE the globe!!! And don't worry about not feeling too inspired during pregnancy...I was totally unmotivated to create anything at the start but then gained motivation in the second half of pregnancy. Enjoy being creative right now...get your ideas down...after having baby you will looooong for these days!!!!! P.S. CUTE dress!!

*Dream Weaver* said...

Love your baby bump photos :)

Our Little Beehive said...

I just found your blog this morning and I have to say I love it. I'm 32w this week and wishing I had some pretty belly photos like yours :)