Saturday, October 22, 2011

October brings in the spice :)

Happy October cake

These last couple of weeks the mister and i have been pretty chill. As our time gets closer to meeting little r ( about 8 weeks to go! yikes ! ) I've been making mental notes about places and things i want to visit & try out. mostly visit :) but one thing on my list of things to try out was making cake pops - some of my favorite desserts that seem to be popping up all over the web. I found this recipe through Bakerella. She has her own book and I came across it a few months back which lead me to her amazing tasty blog :)

Carrot Cake

I made a few changes:
- instead of red velvet cake I tried to spice things up with a little fall lovin' and made mine from carrot cake. mmmm..... yummy xoxo. *smiles*

- I also added a few cups of chopped walnuts to the mix

- I topped the cake balls off with a sprinkle of extra walnuts as the chocolate set. we are a bit nutty about nuts over here tehee.

Dainty Cake :)

They don't look as beautiful & perfect as Bakerella's but for our first attempt i think they came out quite alright. Either way, it's all about the taste right? and they were mighty delicious! i could honestly only take one cake ball. it was such a sugar rush!!! i wish you could reach over and have a few. we still have some left over :)

also something else i've been making and thought i'd share a peak with you xo
crochet love xoxo
for family& friends... flowers are the best :)
soon to be hitting the shop shelves, Inspire Lovely for holiday gift giving. sweetness xo

and taking a wee break, resting my arm from all the crochet. with my silly puppy and i snuck outside away from the studio to catch some sun rays yesterday... trying to spend more time with the little guy... preparing him for his new little buddy, little r.  getting all emotional and of course blaming it on the pregnancy hormones raging.  i hope we make time to catch more sun rays together. and more puppy hugs :)

we are wishing you a very happy weekend lovelies!


the80sme said...

They look yummy, and that flower is just gorgeous! I've got 10 weeks to go, weee :) Good luck with everything! Hugs to you and the lille one ♥

j.leija said...

your photos are always so gorgeous debbie! i just want to crawl inside and live in a that happy place :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing! Mr. Rogers looks like a something you made out of yarn. Adorable! Remember to have the mister bring home a baby hat or something from the hospital so that he's used to the baby smell. IT'll help a bunch!


JoyHey said...

Ohhh, so beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration. Trackback: