Friday, January 27, 2012

missing christmas

merry lovely christmas
just a little. maybe because our last christmas was a blur. we had a new 2 week old little r ( he's almost 2 months now! yikes). i had just gotten a head cold and dealing with lack of sleep + new mommyhood. good times. and yet somehow i knew this would happen. so i celebrated early :)

festive toppings

early december i new i had just days to celebrate before christmas ( my favorite time to celebrate ) i never really got the nesting thing... with closing the shop just FIVE days before giving birth to little r. instead of nesting i BAKED! hahaa! and ate. oh goodness. so bad right?

mini vintage christmas

well, with my priorities in check *wink*wink* i made cupcakes to thank my friends at both mr.handsome's office & at the post office. i know....the post office...weird right? but they are my pals now. most people hate going to the post office. i used to be one of them. long lines. rude people. waiting. blah. then i went often enough and learned names with faces and chatted and laughed my way to new friends. :) they've become almost my co-workers hahaa :)

mini cupcake treat

so happy cupcakes for them. and okay me too :)
except for the photo shoot i dolled them up with little dear friends & mini trees. sprinkled with a dash of peppermint chocolate and voila... sweet treats for everyone yay!

and even though i was fighting a bit of a head cold christmas day... i couldn't help myself. i had to decorate our living room with my jolly box of christmas love. happy. happy colors. happy sprinkles. happy shimmery stars and i was happy indeed.

sigh.... and even though i just barely took my christmas stuff down a week ago, i am still happy for making the effort to enjoy the season and share some caloric lovin' with family & friends.  

and you know what's even better than all these pretty pictures?

my little r.

joy.  i love joy

( i love that even at 1 month he is this cheery & happy and filled me with so much joy. except you get too close and he licks your face off. well, honestly, i love that too ;)

i'm hoping you remember to have joy in 2012...  :)

and when you need a bit of joy, just remember little r and his cute little face & smile.



Olga said...

Wow, it's like christmas all over again! and a very cute video! Very nice blog..

Živilė said...

Little R is adoooorable!!! Cutest baby ever :)

Bonita Rose said...

adorable.. baby.. and omg.. adorable cupcakes.. beautiful photos!!! love love. <3 You are so talented.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Hello there, Dearie!! Have been missing you! Baby R is sooooo sweet -- goodness, those smiles!! I'm glad you're getting to spend time soaking up every last bit of joy from his first few months in this world. Enjoy every minute you can! And your photos today, are lovely as ever.

Have a great weekend!

Mey said...

Your little boy is sooo cute! ^ ^

Mey said...

Your little boy is sooo cute!!!

Jenny said...

So will have joy all year round with that sweet adorable boy!!! Such a cute video! Hope you are enjoying being a mama!! It's like nothing a wonderful way!!

Tracey Fisher said...

Such beautiful images - congratulations on your beautiful, adorable christmas gift!

Kate said...

Just checking in to say that I have referenced your contribution to the book Scrapbook Workshop in an independent review here and have blogged my own version of a tag using your technique, with credit given and a link back to your blog.

** Kate **

Melissa Stinson said...

I'm so, so glad that you posted these. Our Christmas was quite a blur, too, so it was really awesome to see this loveliness at a time when I could sit for a few minutes and enjoy it.

Thank you!