Friday, February 24, 2012

friendship month xo

it seems all holidays are going to roll into celebrating all month long. that's the way it goes with a 2 month little r :)  yesterday we went to visit mr.handsome and his wonderful co-workers for lunch. we brought sweet presents for our dear friends. a little late valentine's love is always better late than never :P

I made french vanilla cupcakes in gold liners. I dyed the mix a soft petal pink. I bit into the cupcake to take a picture after snapping this shot... i wanted to show the pink cake under all that frosting... but somehow didn't put the cupcake down and just scarfed it down. 


i swirled caramel sauce over the frosting and added a dash of salt ( mr.handsome's idea :) and finished them off with pretty mini pink heart sprinkles ( from jo-ann's ).  they were pretty darn good.  i wish i could send you one. all i got to share is a pretty picture. alas. xo 

we also gave each of our friends a little chevron baggie with 2 dove chocolates inside. i LOVE dove anything. i especially love that little message inside each one :) 

these pretty little bags will be making there way into the shop tomorrow. i love. i adore and i really can't stop filling them with everything and sewing them up.  :)

i added a few tags i designed especially for valentines. sweet love indeed.


i added a bit of sequin love ( also from Inspire Lovely ) for some extra sparkle and shine. love the glam.

we only used the red and pink bags this time but the shop will also be stocked with yellow, black, aqua, green & note book bags. i love color. i also LOVE cute bags. but i love giving lovely packages the most  :)

i can't wait. the shop will go live tomorrow, Saturday and i hope you will come and swing by to wander the shop once again. and just for fun, i would love to give a $10.00 credit to 2 lovelies to our Inspire Lovely shop ( Excludes shipping cost. International entries always welcome. :)  

So you could be a winner! it might be you. you never know, you could win something this time :P 
( i always say i never win anything but i actually did one time! yay for free stuff :)

so with that excitement please leave a comment just saying hi, tell me something fun you've done or share a link to your site to show me something you've made. i love sharing and i would love to see what's going on in your little corner of the world. :) Oh and leave your name and where you are from. i hope to pick one international & one domestic winner.  I will pick a winner soon!



Jennifer said...

wow, cannot wait to see more!! :)
I'm Jennifer from Pennsylvania and you can visit me here: if you wish :) I blog about crafty things (mostly scrapbooking and decorating) and my love of my family and fitness.
Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

Susan C. said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! And love those chevron bags!

Susan C.
Brandon, FL

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Hi Debee!

Goodness your photos make me happy, happy, happy!! I LOVE color too. Lots of glorious color. Those little treat bags are darling! Yay for the shop opening up again tomorrow! That's happy news!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo, Dearie
Dawn McVey
Kansas :)

Lissa said...

Hello! Love the cupcakes & the bags,so cute!!! You can find me here: I love to scrapbook and make gifts for my family and friends. I am mom to Xander and Nika. I'm from Washington State,and I love living here!

Nitasha said...

Happy Friday! Love all of this eye candy! Can't wait to visit the shop! Speaking of friendship, I just posted a card and frame today on my blog that I made for a friendship theme! Friends and chocolate make the world go around!
Nitasha from Texas!

Jennifer Johnson said...

I love these bags!!! So many possibilities! I am thinking of getting the yellow and doing something Spring-ish. It's not too early to be thinking of Spring is it?!! I was introduced to your shop when it was closed, so I am so excited to see everything that you have when you open tomorrow! Have a great weekend!
Jennifer in Olathe, Kansas

curlyqmosaics said...

Your photographs always make everything look so delicious! I am glad you are opening your etsy shop back up. All of your products are fabulous!

Amy Baldwin
Norman, OK

Valerie said...

Hi Debee!

I love anything with a chevron stripe - I just bought a rug with the palest blue stripe and I'm in love with it!

I'm so excited to see all your new lovelies in the shop tomorrow! You really inspire me with all your lovelies. :)

My blog is here: I'm really bad with keeping up with it, though!

Keeping my fingers crossed...
:) Valerie

Jenny said...

So excited the shop will be open again tomorrow!! I've missed that pretty little corner of the world! Something fun I did today....took my little one to Sea World for the first fun!!! He loved the penguins and they had a 3 month old sea otter he couldn't stop watching!
Jenny from southern Cali :-)

the80sme said...

omg eye candy for sure, thanks for sharing those lovely photos! ♥ My little guy is 2 months as well, you'll find us over at where I blog about my craft and life :)

Wish you and your family a wonderful weekend!

Marie-Eve said...

This is all so pretty Thanks ! I love to crochet, I actually made a little owl hat for my baby boy for the winter, he's so adorable in it !!! But I definitely need to get back to crafting. I love DIY project and I plan to prepare some for my blog real soon. I blog at

Carole W. said...

Hi! Your photos are wonderful! I look forward to checking out your shop, too!

Bonita Rose said...

beautiful bags and one gorgeous cupcake, I don't blame you for eating it! Yummm... I created some fun friendship bags the other day!
See mine here,
Would love to win a gift cert fr your shop.. I could shop there every day.. dangerous!
hugs, bonitarose
Fargo ND USA

Rachel said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!

Hi! I'm Rachel from Colorado, and you can visit my crafty blog here:

Have a great day-and enjoy that little one!!! :)

Laetitia said...

So excited the shop will be open again!!

Laeti, to France

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you and your cutie shop open :)
Here one of my latest layouts, hope you like it
Love the little cutie bags ;)
Mua mua

Vanessa said...

Hello hello! Love these bags! My fun for today includes crocheting a blanket and some hot coffee!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debee, I come here often to see your lovely crafty works, you make amazing things! I live you my link if one day you wanna come to visit my little word...I'm a mum too and I don't have time as i wish to work, but I love to share my time with my little boy! ;)
Thanks for the chance, a big hug to you and your family,
Francesca-kinà from Italy (Turin)

Nicole Maki said...

Happy Saturday, Debee,

Your bags (and cupcakes) are so adorable I had to pop over and let you know how great a job you did.

You can visit my little corner of the internet here:

and I'm from Utah, USA

Xenia said...

Looking forward to your reopening!

My latest project has been a vintage book turned scrapbook to document my "28 Before 29" goals:

San Diego, CA

JJB said...

Fun fun! I ran across your Etsy shop the other day (not for the first time!), and wondered when you'd be back... Such pretty things!

Pastelija said...

Love Your blog. Thank You for inspiration :)

Laura Stewart said...

cute little packages!!

Keshet said...

So glad your shop is up again! I love crafting with your supplies:)

andrea creates said...

I love these beautiful packaging supplies :-)
it's all so pretty!
I've been making some kindle cozies...

Heather DG said...

Mmmmm, Debee your cupcakes always look so delish not to mention cute! So glad to have you blogging again and sharing your family adventures and creations with us. Excited to shop again too. Thanks!
Heather - WI

maybe*mej said...

OOO. I love your products. Thank´s god for Etsy. I just bought some stuff from You... I cant wait to get them. =) I really love your design. Thank you.

cindy said...

I am smitten with your photos and products. I can never see enough. :D

Jill Norwood said...

Oh my those cupcakes look good! And those adorable bags - sweet!
Love the little tags you created too! I blog about card making and other projects at: I love reading your blog! It always makes me smile! Thanks!
Jill Norwood / Seattle, Wa.

susanne said...

hi there- so glad your shop is open again. found you site from a link to the journaling tags on a project life post. love them and got to have some, but there are so many colors to choose from...

haven't updated my blog recently but i will share something fun. we just had an angry bird birthday party for my just turned 7 year old. I made two pinatas one red bird and one green pig, I couldn't bear to see them both smashed so we just let the kids have at the pig, and they had a great time! the red bird is noe sitting on my sons dresser in its grapevine wreath bird nest. It was alot of work but I had a blast in the party prep!


maybe*mej said...

Thank you soooo much for my order from Etsy. you had wrapped it so cute. I had to do a blogpost about it. =)

Candace Jedrowicz said...

These are so lovely! Would you consider linking this post to our Linky Party?

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

Debee I think of you often and just want to say I remember this time when my babies were young like it was yesterday. enjoy it. it goes by so quickly. all your talents will be even more as you grow as a mother. It just doesn't always look the same. sending you love and a prayer tonight.