Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh Valentine,

hello 2014 :) I have been seriously having a "fun" time cleaning the studio : / 
hahaa, can't even type that without frowning. Oh the joys of cleaning. and cleaning again. and organizing. i hate the mess that comes with cleaning. the point of no return. and yet all you really want to do is sleep on top of all the piles and wake up to the cleaning fairy having put everything away :) 

I wanted to wait until spring but ya know, its chaos! it's crazy ! and i hated the feeling of waking up to the piles day after day. so 2014 has been good so far. i've resolved to clean. make the bed even. everyday. it's like a miracle ;) 

So happy new year lovelies! i  hope you have had a great start to another year. Any new plans? New goals? I like to keep things simple. And easy. AND crafty :)

Pretty pinks & aqua blues + black & white. All exclusive to Inspire Lovely Shop
I can't wait to share my project life pages! I am doing a page for each month and have a few fun crafting projects to share as well. I tried a weekly page last year and didn't finish the whole year. So this time I'm starting a smaller more attainable goal :) 

The kit also comes with an exclusive stamp set. 

I love designing stamps :) 

These are "nestable", the phrases fit perfectly inside the starburst ribbon. I do plan on making a few valentine's day cards for the mister. Designed the "Hello handsome" for my fellas. XO

And this one, you know the conversation heart candies? I have loved the concept but not the flavor of the candy. So i'm making tags with these cute hearts stamped on them & the phrases also fit perfectly inside the heart. adorbs.

Some of my favorite new doilies in gold, silver, pink white & red. LOVE

Sparkly + glittery new red & pink clothespins  that come in an adorable glass jar + wooden heart tags +  dalmatian patterned  heart stickers  + the cutest crochet hearts ( i haven't stopped making these, i love using them as cute embellishments) i'm going to sew them together to make a garland :) all decorating a simple glassine bag XO 

Pretty alpha tiles :) I think i'm going to frame this lol! I love it. 

hearts on heart stickers it's only right. :) 

and embellishment kits are back! 

Designed a pink one too :)

and they now ship in these fun kraft boxes.

Wrapped up in twine and finished off with a heart ! 
Perfect for gifting 


My super duper favorite new item though? heart stamped cloth bags!

and these exclusive vintage inspired Valentine flash cards

Bags now come in 25 color options! And you can order as many colors as you'd like in each order, no quantity minimums. It's going to be a seriously great valentine's day crafting session with my sisters :) I hope for you too! I've got a long list of little r's "girl friends" and we're making a little candy bag for each of them. I don't know if i should be worried already or if I'm just to excited & distracted about candy + crafting to think about him having girlfriends lol!

I hope you come and see our new Valentine's Day section with over 130 items to craft for this years giving. Lots of cute stuff :)

Ps: We will be hosting a giveaway in the next week or so. A fun Valentine's Day giveaway, more on that soon! I hope you have a fun week,

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happy early valentine's ... love ya ;)