Monday, February 10, 2014

Everybody Wins :)

I love Valentine's Day. Or better yet, friendship day :) I think we all have people in our lives who would love to know we love them. My mama, my dad, my baby, my sisters etc etc... oh, and my Mister ;) Not in that order. but yeah, i love my people. :)

Everyone has someone they love & that loves them. 
- So tell them -

I've designed a set of 6 tags free for you to download & cut and give to whom ever your little heart desires. XO It's my little gift for you, because I also believe everybody wins when we give our love. Yay! SO happy printing! happy giving!  

(link will direct you to the download file)

I wish you a happy heart.
 ( red heart tags pictured above were made using Valentine stamp kit )



Nadia Jonker said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing. x

Elisa said...

Love Love Love them!!! Thanks Debee :) muaaa

Anonymous said...

ok, i'll be your valentine... love ya ;)

Anski said...

So cute packages and tags!!