Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Hi lovelies, over the weekend i managed to feel 100% better ( who has time for a head cold am i right?!).  So with some energy and a few hours i knew i had to make the best of this precious window of time! I have been wanting to redo our living room for a few months now. I get on a kick and then i just never follow through. i'm my own worst demise lol! 

Back in December i purchased a few yards of fabric from here. (this isn't a sponsored post, i just love the fabric selection and that's where i purchased some of the following fabrics if ya must know :) So yeah, since december. these pretty fabrics have been neatly folded waiting to be made into something awesome. I also purchased a new sewing machine that i finally liked and was a step up from my old clickety machine. (My parents gave me Christmas money about 8+ years ago and this is what i purchased as my gift from them. They were skeptical hahaa! I knew nothing about sewing and thankfully "Nena" as i lovingly called her, was a pretty great first machine to learn on.) My new machine (still named "Nena" for old time's sake ;) is still not professional grade but this girl still has a lot to learn sewing wise and i'm super happy to learn on anything :) plus, it sews so smoothly i'm very impressed.

My favorite fabric is the pink + green  + yellow embroidered fabric that i found while thrifting. GIRL. i knew from the moment i held it that it was going to be a big ol pillow. And to add to the amazingness that is this fabric, i added vintage green pom poms. HIGH 5!

i'm secretly wishing to pom pom the heck out of all my pillows. but i've been holding steady in retrain lol! mostly because little r really likes them and he tries to un pom pom my pom poms. not cool kiddo. speaking of pom pom goodness, how adorable is this little trim of yellow goodness? i scored it while walking the kiddo around a new area and immediately knew i needed to take a little stem home. XO i love random goodness. its a weed most likely. and yet i like its the cutest little weed i've taken home.

you know what else is making our home so good right now? this pretty little set up of succulents. the mister and i picked these babies up at a wedding and they have delighted our windowsill ever since. i'm a sucker for these mini succulents + lace = SWOON!

umm i i love the effect but can you tell our windows are super dirty? hahahaaaa!
;) just keepin it real.

and a few more succulents (thanks to safeway/vons) + foxy love (thanks to target clearance) to match the one fox pillow pattern in the sofa mix.  also, chalking the globe is still something i don't regret. i hesitated for about a month before i just went ahead and chalked it. i give little r a little piece of chalk and he has a whirl or a time drawing all over it. XOXO 

I also wanted to note... last but certainly not least, our home never looks this clean. oh well it did for about an hour while little r napped. :) and then it was back to it's "lived in" self again. i have plenty of time later in life to live in a super clean and tidy house, this picture will last a lot longer and watching little r & the mister enjoy living in our space is better than nagging to keep things clean. :)

i am hoping to find more time this weekend to put together spring themed kits etc. Paper love is calling me again! 
happy living,


bethchien said...

love love and MORE love!!! just gorgeous, sweetie!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

love your room so fresh looking.That yellow plant in AUstralia is called Wattle and it is one of our beautiful native flowers-love dee x

Jake said...

Absolutely lovely, I like your clean style though☺ Learning to sew is quite the adventure, I love making afternoon projects like pillows too, at this point, maybe one day a full size quilt will happen, until then...time to dream up the perfect one I guess. Thanks for the site link, they do have some great pieces, I may have to go shopping for my new baby cousin's baby quilt♥

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Oh Beth, i do love you girl! thank you beautiful!!!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi Dee! The day was just right :) I knew I had to take advantage of such a pretty day in this gloomy winter. I LOVE that you shared the info on the Wattle plant! How awesome is that ?! So fun to know we have a similar plant and it's such a cute one :)
thank you beautiful for sharing that,

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi Crystal! So thankful for your sweet words. I completely agree, definitely an adventure! Oh making a quilt seems super dreamy and inspiring. I'm not there yet, but I sure hope you share your beautiful quilt when you do create & finish it! I know it will be amazing :) Happy fabric shopping lovely, one of my fav ways to get inspired and start a new project :)