Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Prettiest class

You guys! I can't contain my excitement! I had such a fun time teaching Saturday's Mason Jar painting class. I'm literally still grinning  --->  :) We had such a big turnout! One of the biggest class at The Printed Palette woo hoo! 

At first when my sweet friend Alyssa asked me if I'd like to teach a class I wasn't sure about it. I get nervous, dorky and seriously introverted when I'm in a crowd. I used to be comfortable with it before when I used to play drums. I didn't mind the nerves. The crowds. But teaching is totally different. 

You have to speak! lol! But then I realized the DIY craft itself was SO easy AND fun how crazy would it be NOT to share?! I also needed an excuse to get out of the house and have some fun crafting time ;)

So I made these pretty bags one for each of our lovely students and filled them with supplies for the class and added little extra goodness :) Items available via Inspire Lovely ETSY: Polka dot cotton bags + mini doilies + Blank colorful tickets + sequin trim + wooden & glittery clothespins + ribbon

and so we set out to paint and we painted our hearts out. When was the last time you painted something? I think it's so relaxing as long as i'm not painting a room or something lol! :)

Craziness and pretty creative vibes = *AWESOME* 
And yeah, YOU ROCK 

Here was one of my examples with a pretty coral mason jar + doily and a simple vintage lace trim holding a B&W picture of my little guy and I celebrating mother's day earlier in the week.  I used an old spaghetti sauce jar ( from the supermarket ). Sometimes using what you have is best. And I had been keeping a few jars just for this.

The prettiest mess. Macaroons + new paint + aqua dixie cups filled with sangrias and a cupcake tin full of paper confetti. I could work like this everyday. Especially the macaroons, SO good!

My favorite part? The flowers of course! The paint couldn't dry fast enough. Literally. Everyone was so excited to fill the jars with pretty flowers. Look at this beautiful lovely holding her little bouquet? Gorgeous right? I had to quickly ask her to please just hold on one sec so I could take a pic of her pretty sweater + shirt + florals= perfection!  

Everyone at work. Or can you even call this "work"? It's so pretty & too much fun. I wish work was like this hahaa! The best  part was watching everyone with their mason jar all decked out, painted + with florals + embellished. 

I die! Can you imagine receiving this?! 

Good stuff right here. Polka dots?!?! I watched this lovely add polka dots and I couldn't be happier to see her take this to another level. Very pretty & original= completely inspired me *XO* ( sneak peek at a new stamp "Oh my happy heart" coming soon to the shop :)

I mean SO professional right? I kept looking around watching everything come together and seeing smiles on everyones face. You just can't help but feel relaxed, carefree and happy when you get some YOU time + doing something you love (crafting) and making something that makes you happy & you get to take home and show everyone just how Fantastic you are. Which everyone already knows is true ;)  

And here is my fantastic sister. My favorite crafting buddy :) She came even though she was feeling a bit under the weather. I love her XO

Here she is putting the finishing touches on her mason jar bouquet.

And her beautiful jar that is SO her. Her fav color paint + her fav florals. 

and my final jar waiting to be filled at home with pretty florals. I added a picture of my little guy to the glittery clothespin and lace. And another sneak peek at a new stamp "Love you Big time" coming soon to the shop :)  

And the ever inspiring Alyssa from The Printed Palette. She knows how to throw a party ladies. I left all on a sugar high hahaaa! I loved it. I can't complain, so many good memories. Plus her store is so beautiful and inspiring you will love shopping & taking a class there. Can't thank this lovely enough for inspiring me out of my shell and for the confidence to go through with this beautiful class. I know each of the students left feeling like they accomplished something so beautiful. Loved that.

Here's to being bold. getting out there. making new friends. getting a little messy. eating too many cupcakes. and having a good time. :)



Unknown said...

Amazing! I love every single picture in this post, it makes me smile! Cheers to you for teaching such a fun class!

Ellen H. said...


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Have you considered selling kits? Or grab bags/bags with a variety of items? It would be fun to receive something you put together with bits and pieces as an alternative to a set amount of the same item.

Take care!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Thank you Lily! I ALMOST forgot to bring Mona but hauled her along and managed to take these pics in about 10 min. I'm glad we had some downtime between painting & embellishing. Sometimes you can have way too much fun and forget to document it :) like the cupcakes. i ate those before i could even take a picture lol!!!

happy friday & crafting lovely!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Thank you Ellen!
Happy friday lovely!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi anonymous :)
I thought about it a while back and never got around to actually doing a listing specifically for it. But how fun would that be?! Party bags coming right up! I'm hoping to have some available before the end of the month :) Thanks for sharing the idea! I hope you are well and enjoying a happy friday wherever you are XO

Unknown said...

Oh Debbie, this is gorgeous, I love everything about all of it !
Wishing you a sweet day!

kim said...

Oh I love all of these! I would love to come to a class like this. So fun and such pretty pics!

kim said...

Oh I love all of these! I would love to come to a class like this. So fun and such pretty pics!