Monday, June 30, 2014

Make Today Lovely

I've had this paper kit on my mind for the past couple of months. I kept going back to the colors. the patterns. i worked on it, painted + designed + cut etc when i found the time. and then i was ready. i was about to take photos with Mona and the battery flashed. and what's even better? i couldn't find my camera charger. after almost 9 years i finally lost the battery charger. hhahahahaaa!

thanks me. i'm great at losing stuff. I'm actually surprised i hadn't lost it before. so hi 5 for that. ;)
I often recruit the mr. to help me find what i'm looking for. (poor guy) so yay! he found another battery charger online and he's totally earned the title, the best MR. hahaa :)

so back to the kit...

i have photos now to share and i'm so happy to actually be able to show it to you too. that always helps. hehee. 

currently still loving black + bold patterns + gold + handmade

i'm always trying to add different elements to my project life pages and these all seemed fun and new. So far i'm working on 3 pages right now using this kit. it's good! 

it sure feels good to have stuff to document. mostly the pictures i take on my phone. not the best quality but i'll take it. all of my pages include small photos anyway and i'm not blowing anything up so you cant see any distortion so i'm a happy girl.

here's to happy days + every day goodness + xoxo + good times. we all have a few of those to share :)

so far my pages are about mother's day, a day at the beach and a few photos with my little r. so silly and so ordinary but thats us. i love looking at his reaction so far as he's watching the pages come together. he says" hey mama! that's me! rafael!" hahaa! makes me feel SO good to be back again playing with paper. it was the right time. so good. :)

the paper kit can be found via Inspire Lovely Etsy
I only made a handful of these kits so once they are gone well, they're gone. ( i've got half sold already.) They ship free (domestically) and are 20% this week ONLY. 

i'm off to work on some cool packaging ideas for these kits. i love this part!
so excited :) happy monday lovelies!!! happy almost July!