Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring showers

Last month I was packaging the spring paper kits and wanted to add a bit of fresh pretty color to the boxes I was shipping the kits in. I had just finished spring cleaning one drawer set in the studio and found a HUGE pile of rub ons that I never had used or opened. Remember when rub ons were the it thing? lol! So I decided to try to incorporate the rub ons with a a pile of fabric swatches that i had been saving. Its so hard to toss pretty things! 

But i'm glad that I didn't. Because I made rain drops & pretty colorful clouds from the fabric swatches :) I tossed in a fun group of sequins from my little collection and a bit of colorful seam ribbon and ta dah! 

my favorite part was picking out the stamps to add to each card.

even though i never make "cards"... I don't know why i find them intimidating, but i certainly loved making these few.

and my love for rub ons is coming back :)

i hope these cheered up the lovelies whom received them. This took about a show ( while I was watching the telly) and a half. I tried not to over think anything. You know, put a bit of glue and stick something to it and go. super carefree :)

and just so you won't ever forget, {you are loved}
i love the bright bold colors of the notecards. Man, they totally have upped the note taking/ study card game. Thank goodness they didn't have these bright babies when i was in college. girrrrrl you know i'd be all stamping and gluing stuff to my notes lol! I'm like, "what studying?!" 

Sigh, always nice to do things just for fun. And share just for fun stuff too :)
Hope this brings you a bit of cheer. Happy friday lovelies!!!

>>>>where to find the items i used<<<<
Note cards: Staples
Rubons: 7 gypsies
Fabric: Liberty of london + thrifted


Lissa said...

LOVE your cards!!! So cheery!

Elisa said...

Ohhhh Debee they are adorable :)))

Bonita Rose said...

oh boy these are fantastic and with simple neon colored index cards.. how easy and cute! you have inspired me!